Article Guidelines

Thanks for your interest in contributing back to! New articles are always welcome.

Here are some simple guidelines for writing articles for

The Pitch

  • On the How to Contribute page, you’ll be making your ‘pitch’ for your article idea. If it’s great and I really want to use it on the site, I’ll email you back usually within 3 days. (If I don’t want to use the idea, I’ll email you back to thank you for your suggestion as well.)
  • Concentration the 5 W’s: Who, What, When, Where, Why. If it’s a DIY/customization article, you’ll want to include the How. I want to know why this topic is important and how you want to relate it to the site’s audience.
  • If you get the green light, move on to the next section!


  • For a quality article, it should be a minimum of 300 words and in paragraphs as needed. If you want to include photographs, that would be awesome – I always include full credit to photographers (please ask permission if you are wanting to use photos that do not belong to you).
  • You should have a title, an introduction, the body of the article and a conclusion.
  • For the by-line (located at the bottom of the article), it should include a small snippet of information about yourself (100 words or less). You can include a link or two to your own blog/website/Etsy or Artfire shop.
  • Remember to check it over for completeness, grammar, spelling errors/typos and clarity.
  • When you’re ready, move onto the next section.

The Publishing

  • When you email the complete article (plus any photos you’d like to have incorporated) to, I’ll email you back with the date that you should expect the article to go ‘live’.
  • The article will be scheduled for 12pm Pacific time.
  • When the article goes live, it will be automatically tweeted via the @blythelifecom Twitter account.