Tiny Shoe Love #5

Written on January 23, 2015 at 3:00 pm by Michelle
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Shoes can complete an outfit. This is both true for humans and dolls. Unfortunately for me, I do not own 50+ pairs of shoes for myself. This is a very, very sad fact. Fortunately, doll shoes are amazing because they are small! And I can have many, many, many pairs of doll shoes in the same footprint as a pair of my-sized shoes would be. Foot print. Shoes. Get it? I crack myself up. *crickets*

I wanted to bring everyone’s attention to some simply fantastic boots that I own. These are the stock boots from Art Attack. Not exactly easy to seek out, but they’re pretty awesome. They are great in the fact that they are very easy to get on, because of the long zipper down the back.



Simplicity at its best. It also helps that black and white go so well with so many outfits.

Tiny Shoe Love is a feature on to showcase and share doll shoes that grace Michelle’s picky dolls’ feet. We love tiny shoes in this house, and we hope you do too!

Travelling Dolls (and Doll Closet)

Written on January 21, 2015 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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Part of what I need to do to finish school includes working a lot of hours in the hospital (practical experience = awesome!), but it also includes temporarily relocating for those practical hours. This means that I’m not with my many dolls and my entire dolly shoe and clothing collection (when I call it a collection, it just sounds better than my hoarder’s stash). So what and whom did I bring along with me? Let’s take a look!

I’m sure nobody will be surprised by my doll choices: Eden Mouse and Primrose.

20150121aEden and Primrose are both wearing Kult of Kulta, vintage squishy
Barbie boots, and travel in Sew Pixie carry bags.

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QOTW: Your reasons for splurging?

Written on January 19, 2015 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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Getting mail is the best! Getting mail that isn’t a bill is even better. Part of the reason why I do go on small splurges throughout the year when it comes to dolls and dolly things because it is just a lot of fun to get mail sometimes – even if I do have to pay for it myself. Getting mail is fun, and it can be even more fun when you end up buying from people who take care in wrapping. Sometimes that little bit of extra care can go a long way in making it a fun experience. I also tend to remember about the care and tidiness because it’s part of the overall shopping experience.

20150119Cameo (FWB Custom) falls under category 4. The cameo for Cameo falls under category 5.
Cameo wears Plastic Fashion.

I splurge when:

  1. Something great happens in real life (e.g. finishing a term and maintaining my GPA)
  2. Something great occurs without any real effort from me (a.k.a. my birthday)
  3. It’s been a while since I’d gotten anything in the mail that wasn’t my credit card bill
  4. Something really special pops up and I honestly don’t think that I would ever have another chance at it
  5. Something affordable pops up that I decide that I really want, because why not?

What has really helped curb my spending a lot is actually getting a magazine subscription. I prepaid, so I don’t get more lines on my bills, but I still get exciting! happy! mail once a month – which is pretty cool too. (For those curious, I had a subscription to a crafts magazine, so it’s extra excitement and happiness for me.) That and whenever I think about buying something, my conscious is asking if I really need something. Things that save my sanity (like storage containers) are a-okay in my book. Yet another doll dress? Probably not something that’s “needed”. And yes, I can totally hear Sophie shouting that I’m completely and utterly wrong about this because doll dresses are necessities in life. Apparently.

What are your reasons for splurging?

Love, Sophie: Fashion Topics for 2015?

Written on January 16, 2015 at 12:30 pm by Michelle
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Hello to my adoring audience! And welcome to the first Love, Sophie post for 2015!

It’s been kind of an up-and-down year so far for me. Michelle has implemented this No Spend challenge and it’s been so hard for me. I’m trying to get her to break it by adding her into Facebook groups and bookmarking eBay listings… But she has a strong resolve, that one. So in lieu of doing some kind of Etsy haul post, I wanted to know what you wanted to read from me this year!


I love writing about fashion, but it has been pointed out to me that sometimes I can wear things that are a bit… pricey. And that maybe your owners are as stingy as Michelle when it comes to her No Spend challenge. If there are any specific fashion topics that you’d love to read about, I’d love to hear about them! After all, Love, Sophie wouldn’t be able to exist without you (and me!).


Sophie is a mostly stock Cappuccino Chat that came to live with me in June 2009. She loves shoes, new clothes, playing with her hair, fashion, magazines full of fluff and shopping. She aspires to be a model and would like to model for some of the ‘great’ dolly fashion houses one day.


This Budget Thing is Hard

Written on January 14, 2015 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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The problem with trying to curb the spending is that you become very aware of how bombarded you are by listings for secondhand sundries or new listings for custom dolls. Suddenly all of the new stock releases look very appealing, and one of those fantastic dress seamstresses that I love? I had to talk myself out of hitting checkout with the Etsy cart despite reaching the listing within possibly ten seconds of it being listed.

On the bright side, my No Spend challenge is only for the month of January. After that, I will have a (small) budget set aside for fun dolly spending, which s always nice! But being aware of how easy it is to be sucked into the buy, buy, buy mode is rather alarming (and thought provoking as well). I shouldn’t be too surprised, because a lot of how we interact on the internet when it comes to Blythe.

20150114Maybe if we stare her down, she’ll buy us some new dresses!
Cameo wears Plastic Fashion. Halo wears a dress by an unknown seamstress.

If you go to forums, there are always some Buy/Sell/Trade threads up. If you log onto Facebook and you’re a member of one of the dozens (hundreds?) of Blythe-related groups, you’re probably also in a group that involves buying or selling dolls and sundries. I’m still not sure how I wound up in them, I suspect sabotage by friends who thought it’d be a good idea to invite me into those groups… Regardless of where you go when you’re looking at doll things, it is difficult to not be confronted with listings and ads for new dolls, clothes, shoes, and even furniture! Fortunately (or unfortunately…?) with my schedule now, I haven’t been able to spend a lot of time online, which means that I’ve been missing a lot of listings for dolls, clothes, and shoes for sale.

Two weeks into January and I’m still doing very well for my No Spend month! No new dolls, doll clothes, or doll shoes (sobs!) in the mail for me. I did have to buy a present (somewhat unexpectedly), but that was sort of necessary and not-doll related.

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