The Troubles with Having Time for Blythe

Written on March 27, 2015 at 1:00 pm by Michelle
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There are twenty-four hours in every single day. We all get the same twenty-four hours, but we all do different things with them. At this point, I’m in my last practicum for school so I do 12 hour shifts at the hospital that is bookended with a long commute (40-50 minutes one way). So all in all, by the time I get home, that’s 14 of my 24 hours gone in a day. That doesn’t leave room for much else when you have to consider that I need to sleep in order to function at my next 12 hour shift, which is often the very next day. On the other hand, working 12 hour shifts means that I usually have several days between sets of shifts where I can do whatever I want, which is really nice. However, these days off tend to happen on weekdays and not weekends, and I end up working on homework anyways because that is the life of a student.


So on my days off, I pull a doll off of a shelf, maybe fix her hair, maybe change her outfit (although really, that doesn’t happen often at all…), and then I set her back on a stand or a chair because that’s where they hang out. It’s hard to find time for them sometimes because on my days off there’s laundry to do, groceries to buy, food to cook, sleep to catch up on (mmm, sleep!). The dolls don’t always get a lot of attention, but I’m making a conscious effort to spend a little bit of time with them on my days off because it’s the little moments, the little things, that remind me to breathe and just take a moment for myself (and the Blythes).

QOTW: Do your pets interact with Blythe?

Written on March 23, 2015 at 2:00 pm by Michelle
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Most days, I wish I had a cat or a dog. And then I think about the need for lint rollers, or having wet noses in my face, or tripping over furry mammals in my living room and I do really reconsider it. The thoughts of having my tiny precious doll shoes being chewed up or having dolls knock off of shelves really makes me cringe – although I suppose they do make doors for shelves these days. I do have pets, but they’re of the non-mammalian variety and live in a tank so the amount of interaction with my dolls incredibly minimal unless I force it.

I love photos of Blythe with dogs, cats, and other animals. Mostly because they’re super adorable. But I don’t have a dog, or a cat, or some kind of mammalian pet so…


Do you allow your pets to interact with Blythe?

Sponsor BlytheLife in April!

Written on March 22, 2015 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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You have a doll-related website/shop/blog and BlytheLife has your target audience! is an active doll website with a high readership that primarily consists of women who are Blythe and other doll collectors/hobbyists. By advertising your doll-related site or business with BlytheLife, you can ensure that your ad is being seen by the people that are your potential customers. Every time someone visits BlytheLife, they’ll see your ad on the side!

Did you know? Sponsorship costs are purposely kept low to keep advertising accessible to people in the doll community.

There are three spots currently available for the month of April and all sponsorship funds from now until July 2015 will be donated to BlytheCon Vancouver 2015!

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If you’d like more information on how you can advertise on BlytheLife, click here.

Get Featured on BlytheLife!

Written on March 21, 2015 at 4:30 pm by Michelle
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I’m all about giving back to the doll community when possible, and part of that involves celebrating you and what you do here on BlytheLife.


I love interviewing people in the Blythe community – ranging for seamstresses for our favourite fashionistas, knitters and crocheters, customizers, and all-around amazing people. I’ve interviewed a grand variety of people in the community, and would like to feature you as well! If you’re interested (or want to gently prod someone my way), check out the page about Getting Featured. If you do something else for Blythe that hasn’t been mentioned, I still want to interview you! I love getting to do interviews.

If you run a shop online where you sell things for Blythe, and you happen to have a sale, be sure to submit it to Shopping Saturday! If you submit it, I will post it and share your sale with all of my readers.

Sometimes I feel a bit guilty

Written on March 18, 2015 at 3:00 pm by Michelle
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Sometimes (only sometimes!) when I haven’t touched my dolls in a while, I feel a bit guilty for having them. Sometimes it’s because I’m aware of their value and “oh, I suppose that money could be put towards something else like X, Y or Z”, and sometimes it’s because I get feelings of “I bet someone else would have fun with them or appreciate them more”. And then I think about how I would feel if I were to sell them and that just squashes all those feelings because nope! Blythe is a ‘happy’ place for me and darn it, I’ll keep my dolls if I want to – even if I haven’t touched them for several weeks because I’ve been busy with schoolwork or busy at the hospital.


I have a couple of dolls that rarely attend meets because of how gigantic their hair is and troublesome it is. I have a couple of dolls that don’t go out simply because I don’t have a large clothing selection for them (ahem, the Middies…). And that’s when I start to be more aware of who goes to meets, and the fact that I really ought to make more clothes. With that in mind, the next meet I go to should really include either Bennett (Margaret Meets Ladybug) or Cedar (Monique Magnifique) or maybe both!

Maybe feeling a wee bit guilty is a good thing? It does make me aware of who needs a bit more attention in the doll family, but it also makes me aware of the fact that I don’t want to sell my dolls (and nor do I need to at this time). Just because I don’t spend as much time as I used to with them on a regular basis doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate them just the same.

Do you ever feel guilty about not spending more time with your dolls?

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