Custom Day Dreams

Written on August 24, 2016 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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Customs have always been something that I admire from afar. This is primarily because my dolly budget was not one for custom work when I first collecting, and later because it just seemed really expensive. My one year anniversary of starting my career is coming up (in October) and one of the things I decided that I would love to treat myself to is a custom doll by the end of the year. I have a customizer in mind, and I have a ‘vision’ in mind.

A tan Blythe with a pastel mohair reroot, a mix of Cool Cat or Brainworm chips and at least one set of handpainted chips. Not terribly extensive carving, and some painted eyelids. I have this vision in my head about what this doll will look like and I’m so excited about it. I’ve already been in contact with the customizer, just to get an idea of costs. Getting a commission done is not for the weak of heart, but I am determined to see this vision come true! One of my plans is to start actively saving and putting money aside for this dream custom of mine, because it’s something that I’m making a priority.

20160824“I really don’t think you need another mohair custom… Aren’t I perfect enough?”

I feel like she’d wind up fitting in really well with my existing doll family, and will look fantastic next to Halo (my Friends With Blythe mohair custom). Step one (contacting the customizer) has already been ticked off, and I’m onto step two (saving up!).

What are some of your custom day dreams? Do you know who you’d want to get a custom done by? Share your custom visions below!

Sponsor BlytheLife in September!

Written on August 21, 2016 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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You have a doll-related website/shop/blog and BlytheLife has your target audience! is an active doll website with a high readership that primarily consists of women who are Blythe and other doll collectors/hobbyists. By advertising your doll-related site or business with BlytheLife, you can ensure that your ad is being seen by the people that are your potential customers. Every time someone visits BlytheLife, they’ll see your ad on the side!

Did you know? Sponsorship costs are purposely kept low to keep advertising accessible to people in the doll community.

There are three spots currently available for the month of September and all sponsorship funds go towards the costs of keeping live on the internet!

Large – 1 spot available for September! (325×200 pixels)

  • $10 – 1 month
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If you’d like more information on how you can advertise on BlytheLife, click here.

Big to Little: A Comparison Photo

Written on August 19, 2016 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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It’s no secret that collecting miniatures that Blythes can use is fun. It makes for more interesting photos, and collecting miniatures can develop a life of its own and turn into a complete separate hobby. Luckily, miniatures tend to take up less room than dolls themselves (unless, of course, you are furnishing a dollhouse in which case you’ll need plenty of room for a 1:6 scale doll house that can be occupied by the star of the show, Blythe).

What I really like about miniatures is when I own pieces in 1:1 scale and 1:6 scale, because it just tickles me that my dolls can have the same things that I do – just smaller.


My absolute favourite big-little set are my Fujifilm Instax Minis – both miniature (Instax Mini 25) and full-sized (Instax Mini 8). Different colours, yes, but still stinkin’ adorable.


What are some of your favourite miniatures? Do you have some matching big-little sets?

Dolly Book Collection

Written on August 18, 2016 at 2:00 pm by Michelle
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I love books. I loved books prior to entering the Blythe hobby, and that love of books didn’t get dwarfed by the always growing doll family. Beyond the staples of This is Blythe and Blythe Collection Guide Book, I have an assortment of other books – all related to Blythe. The majority of these books are sewing related (let’s not discuss how little I actually sew in comparison to the amount of books that I have…), and some of them are just mooks that happen to have a few patterns in them, but are also filled with articles and lots of beautiful photos. I used to buy up these books at an alarming rate (!) to the point where I could have probably bought another doll for how much I put into the books, but I do love them. I’ve slowed down considerably in recent years – this is mostly due to the lack of shelf space rather than lack of funds.



My most recent acquisition is Dollybird Vol. 23, which has an article featuring BlytheCon Vancouver! As many of you may recall, I was one of the organizers for the first Canadian BlytheCon. When I found out that the mook would have a feature on BlytheCon Vancouver, I had to get it. It was clearly part of my organizer duties to get my hands on it (even though I got it in hand several months after the fact). My other most recent purchase is a copy of HANON’s DOLL SEWING BOOK. Beautifully detailed with very clear photo instructions (with written instructions in both Japanese and English – very important if I ever decide to actually sew something out of it!).



There are still some books that I would love to get my hands on (some more of the Doll Coordinate Recipe issues, for instance), but at the same time I’m more picky about what doll books I go out and buy now because I have so many. Decisions, decisions!

What Blythe related books do you own? Do you have any to recommend? Share your thoughts below in the comments!

QOTW: Is your collection what you imagined it to be?

Written on August 15, 2016 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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When I first started collecting Blythe dolls, I thought that Kenners were grossly overrated (and overpriced) and that customs were some kind of far-fetched dream for me because who pays $300+ for a doll. Yes, back when I first started in the hobby (2009), I saw beautiful customs being priced at $300-400 and thought that was grossly expensive.

Little did I know that the norm by 2015 would be that they start at the lovely price of $500 and only go up from there!


Fast forward to 2016, and I own three of those “overrated” and “overpriced” Kenners. I wouldn’t trade them for anything because I’ve since been enchanted by their vintage charm. I also own two custom Blythes, which I was lucky on because I didn’t spend over $500 each on them (the perks of buying custom dolls secondhand for customizers that aren’t the current trending artist – not that there is anything wrong with buying the work of who is hot right now! If I could afford it, I totally would). But back in 2009 when I went from buying a Cappuccino Chat in June and a Love Mission a mere month later? I did not imagine and could not imagine buying a Kenner or custom, because that was something that I always thought was out of my reach. It wasn’t something that I thought that I would be able to afford or even something that would be within my purchasing power.


At the time, I also didn’t see myself owning a BL (they cost many pretty pennies, even then!), any custom with a reroot, or an Ashton-Drake Galleries Blythe. BL because they were expensive, a custom with a reroot (because they were expensive), and an ADG because photos of dolls with the green undertone to the plastic was just not appealing. Funny how things change over time!

Is your Blythe collection what you imagined it to be?

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