How to Contribute would not exist without the many contributions by the members of the Blythe community. Has been helpful do you? Do you want to contribute back the the site? Great!

What is BlytheLife looking for?

Some ideas for what you can contribute to are:

  • Avatars and icons for the Freebies section
  • Crochet, knit or sewing patterns (original patterns by you only, please!)
  • Customization article
  • Review on a new Blythe, Petite Blythe or Blythe outfit set
  • Anything that you can think of and want to contribute!

Or perhaps you want make regular contributions in the form of articles, which would be greatly appreciated as well! All contributors get full credit for their work, including link(s) back to their website, blog, Flickr or Twitter account(s).

Any photos that you wish to use in your contribution(s) will be saved onto the servers at

If you’re interested in doing an article, please check out the Article Guidelines page for more information!

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