Blythe On A Budget: 30 Legal Ways to Get Money for a New Blythe

Written on August 5, 2010 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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  1. Save a specified amount in a jar every month. Even if you only save $10/month, every little bit adds up. Alternatively, have a monthly deposit into a bank account dedicated to dolly savings.
  2. Have a lot of clutter around your house? Garage or yard sale it! Of course, if it’s not all of your own things, only put part of it towards a new doll.
  3. Closet clean out! Haven’t had your dolls wear that dress in months? Sell it online!
  4. Learn to crochet or knit – make hats, sweaters or cardigans and sell them to other Blythe enthusiasts.
  5. Get a second (part-time) job – dedicate those paycheques towards a new Blythe.
  6. Do chores around the house for extra allowance/money (sadly, this only works if you’re still getting allowance and if you get paid for doing chores).
  7. Do a bake sale (check with your local laws regard selling food first).
  8. Learn to sew and start making your own dolly clothes – sell them online.
  9. If you can do any other craft (not related to dolly outfits), consider make those and selling them (craft fairs, online, etc.)
  10. Collect pop cans and return them to bottle depots, save the money for a new doll.
  11. If you have a regular budget for groceries, use some coupons to save some money – anything ‘extra’ can go into a savings jar.
  12. Cut out something from your monthly budget. If you normally spend $100 on alcohol per month, consider a dry month and put the money that would have gone to alcohol towards a new doll.
  13. Consider doing a doll swap – you trade your doll that you no longer want for a doll that you do. Best way to save money is to do a straight swap (no money exchanges hands).
  14. Do sponsored posts on your blog.
  15. Babysit your friends’ kids for a few nights when you don’t have any plans and they do.
  16. Do freelance writing (maybe not on your blog).
  17. Join affiliates programs and link to those on your website.
  18. Offer to customize Blythes for other people (it helps if you have a portfolio of work you’ve already done, plus a website with a clear pricing list and other terms and conditions).
  19. Offer to do custom clothes or other accessories for their dolls.
  20. Go to thrift stores and seek out some good deals to resell online.
  21. Sell used items  to secondhand stores.
  22. Put ads on your website and hope people click on them.
  23. Do paid product reviews.
  24. Come with a new thing to make for Blythe – market them and sell them!
  25. Auction something you no longer want on eBay.
  26. Do sponsored tweets!
  27. Do commissioned design work for websites (or offer to do it and get paid for it)
  28. Take out a loan from your significant other (repay in kisses or homemade baked goods – only works if they’re willing to take baked goods as compensation – also, repay promptly).
  29. Sell textbooks. Not if you actually need them though (or maybe even if you do…?).
  30. Pick up change found on the ground. Find a penny, pick it up, and all day you’ll have good luck.

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  1. Mandy Dake says:

    Cute! Fun! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. rhubs says:

    love some of the above ideas. I think many of us are already doing these things, but very useful for people new to the hobby!

  3. Laura says:

    great ideas!

  4. Alanna AKA @dncnllama

    You can also join paid survey sites. Im in Australia, my favourite is “Pure Profile” I usually earn $30 every 2-3 months.

  5. Rhea says:

    This is really helpful! I’ll have to try these so i can get my first Blythe!

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