Question of the Week: What do you want to see next on Blythe On A Budget?

Written on January 5, 2011 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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For those who are new to, Blythe On A Budget is a mostly weekly article that comes out on Wednesdays that is all about enjoying the Blythe hobby without breaking the bank (or needing to rob one). It’s all to do with how to enjoy the hobby with what you have or without needing to spend a lot of money – this is great for those who are on a limited budget or just don’t want to overspend or just want to have fun (or all three).

What I’m interested in from you is:

What do you want to see next on Blythe On A Budget?

Give me your suggestions below in the comments! Do you have a great idea you want to share? How about something fun and exciting that you’ve done recently with your Blythe dolls that didn’t cost much at all? Share your thrifty experiences or ideas and you could see it showing up on a Blythe On A Budget installment later on this year!

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  1. Pen says:

    I’ve just discovered this blog, thank you sooo much Michelle for creating it, I look forward to getting ideas on how to curb my Etsy Blythe clothing addiction! While I love encouraging & supporting fellow artists to make & share their exquisite creations, I can’t help but realise & be chastised by my husband that I’m spending far too much money on clothes for my girls… when is enough really enough?
    One thrifty thing I love to do with my girls is find things around the home to upcycle or re-use for furniture, like constructing petite chairs from finished toilet rolls covering them with paper dollies and adorning with a ribbon, recently we bought the UK PG Tips tea Christmas monkey & I used the inner packaging to make chairs for my girls, using fabric handkerchiefs & table napkins as throw covers. Recently we also had a space adventure where I used some tin foil to make space boots & a small foil pie dish molded to the head for a space helmet for my petites.
    I also like taking them to visit other people, especially my mother-in-law so that we can discover & explore trinkets that don’t often come out of cupboards & photograph the girls with these items.
    Hope other people can make use of these ideas!
    Pen of The Pen Corner (Flickr)

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