Question of the Week: Internet Activity

Written on April 25, 2011 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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I’ve been doing goodness-knows-what with my time on the internet since before I was ten years old. I’ve spent a lot of time blogging (here and elsewhere), posting on forums, posting photos on Flickr, play-by-post roleplaying (yes, I’m one of those) and even just reading blogs for long periods of time on end. It’s probably not entirely healthy, but I do spend a lot of time doing other things offline. I still have face-to-face social interactions, Facebook is not my definitive answer to getting to chat with my friends, but I do still spend a lot of time online (both being productive and not).

How much time do you spend on the computer (and the internet) in a week? And what do you do when you’re not glued to your computer?

I know that I spend a few hours per day on the computer. I maintain several websites, most of my homework is assigned and handed in online (it’s also how all of my professors communicate with us nowadays). I try to limit myself, and to use my time effectively. When I’m not on the computer, I spend my time on public transit, at school, with my boyfriend and friends and family (although generally not together, hah), some time crafting, watching tv (oh noes, another screen!) and just trying to balance everything, but it does get hard sometimes.

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  1. Alice AKA @nuwandalice

    This is pathetic to admit but I’m barely ever NOT on the computer, if I’m in my house. (and I’m in my house rather a lot.) I watch tv on it, films on it, I crochet in front of it, read in front of it, play games on it, play games in front of it… a lot of that time I spend either on the internet, usually doll related, or reading articles or writing essays… I guess if I wasn’t living in student accommodation, it’d be different, but all the space I get that’s mine is my room so I suppose students just spend longer in there, and well… this is my main source of entertainment. xD

  2. joelle AKA @elledemarie

    I work in front of a computer for 8-hours 5-times a week, I don’t like spending too much at home… I upload a new 365 Blythe pic everyday to flickr-which is where I usually end up getting side tracked for an hour or two. When I am not at the computer, I’m crocheting or sewing (usually with the TV on in the background), outside walking around if it’s nice, or just you know old fashioned hanging out with friends.

    • joelle AKA @elledemarie

      oops should have been *don’t like spending too much time at the computer, at home* — cause I’m definitely a home body lol

  3. Heather AKA @claribari

    I use computers at work, and when I’m home I surf bk, flickr, and facebook pretty terribly all day long (off and on) use it to play music or watch tv (we don’t have cable OR Netflix). When I’m not, I craft, spend time with my daughter playing/going for walks/feeding her/etc, clean, and run errands. Lots of time is spent daydreaming about dollies and dolly-related things, or the house and house-related things.

  4. Vicky AKA @RosieApplesBlog

    I am on the computer A LOT. I use it as my music and radio player, do my work on it, watch tv on it in the evening and use it to interact with my friends. I don’t know what I’d do if it broke! That’s a lie, it did actually break the other month and I was fine if a little annoyed!

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