Summertime Photo Ops: Thoughts on Locations

Written on May 27, 2011 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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One of the nicest things about the summer season is the good weather. Good weather means little rain, little rain means less chances of eyelashes coming out from our favourite dolls. And to challenge myself (and others!), I’ve come up with a list of potential good photo locations to take advantage of this summer:

  1. Local botanical gardens
  2. Aquarium
  3. Parks (local, national, provincial or other)
  4. From the car window during a road trip
  5. Beach (be careful of water!)
  6. On a ferry
  7. From a plane window
  8. At BlytheCon in Portland (!)
  9. A neighbour’s garden (if it looks better than yours, if you get permission first)
  10. Playground for all those little-girl Blythes around

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