Question of the Week: Your kids and Blythe?

Written on May 30, 2011 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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149/365 - So you gotta play the mommy, and I play the kid... - 1/3

The original Kenner Blythe from 1972 was designed as a children’s toy for little girls. Blythe was meant to be in the hands of children, kind of like the basic Barbies of today. Blythe was a fashion doll who came with 70’s style clothing, funky coloured wigs and sunglasses and one of those plastic clothing cases that looks so much like something I had for my own dolls when I was younger (of course, that was for a Barbie doll).

I don’t have children, so I can’t really answer this week’s questinon, but my question this week is:

For those of you with children, do you let your kids play with your Blythes (Kenners, Takaras or ADGs)? Do they get to play with your dolls with or without constant supervision? At what age do you think you would get your child their own Blythe (if they wished to have one)?

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  1. Steph! says:

    My kids love my girls…but I only let them touch them with supervision. My niece really wanted on – so I got her a Baasak – she is 6 and really doesn’t know the difference.

  2. Misato AKA @Misat0

    I don’t have kids but… no kid near my Blythes! the only one that I almost allow, under strict supervision, is my nephew (5) who has always been a very careful child.

  3. Stacie AKA @stacie_blu

    My eight-year-old daughter loves Blythe, and I have found it’s been a fun hobby for us to share together. Now, when she asks me to play with her, I don’t have to dread what she’s going to come up with. Instead, we sit and dress our dolls, decorate the doll house, and set up “photo shoots.” I did give her her own Blythe doll last year when she was seven. We sat down and talked for a long time about proper Blythe care and how to play with them. I listed some rules such as “always wash your hands before you touch the Blythe dolls,” and so on. She’s followed all of the rules very carefully and takes them very seriously.

  4. Alison says:

    I don’t have kids, but if I did I would only let them hold them when I was watching them. At least until they were old enough to be careful with them, then if they were really into Blythe, I would just get them their own.

    I think the right age for a child to receive her first Blythe would be about 10.

    Usually girls who are older than 12 go through a phase where they don’t like dolls anymore. I never did, but most do, and then they pick up the hobby again later on. For most kids, when they hit the teen years, they wouldn’t be caught dead with a doll. I lost a friend one time when I was about 14, because I asked her if she wanted to play Barbies.

  5. Lucy AKA @lucy_goosey

    I’ve let my kids play with my Blythe (By play I pretty much mean hold & mess up their hair) since they were little. Because of this they’ve never seen them as something they can’t play with so they don’t bother with them at all. I’m sure when they get older I’ll find them messing about with them though!
    And they always pick the most expensive ones like my Kenner & piccadilly. They’re pretty tough dolls thank goodness!
    Here’s a pic of my eldest with my poor PWP. She survived unscathed!
    And another, she loves my HW
    I have more as they like to get involved with photoshoots

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