Question of the Week: Handmade vs. Bought?

Written on July 4, 2011 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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I try to make as much of my dolls’ wardrobe as I possible can. I’m a huge fan of most things crafty and I have been slowly (and slightly expensively) amassing a stash of fabric, ribbons, trims, snaps, eyes and hooks, lace, elastic and so many different colours of thread! While I don’t sew an awful lot (I humbly bow to those who sew on a daily or nearly daily basis for their dolls – it’s hard to find the time when I alternate between full time school and full time work!), I do try to sew as much as I can. I’m not very big on sewing a lot, but when I can, I participate in swaps with other people in the Blythe community. That way my dolls don’t get sick of just things made by me all the time and I can make things for someone else, which is always really fun.

Right now, I would say that 90% of the hats we have are made by me, 0.1% of the shoes are made by me and the clothes are maybe at 33% handmade by me (the rest is a mixture of stock, bought and swapped). I do hope to increase the number of handmade-by-me clothes hopefully over the course of this summer (I do have a lot of fabric that shouldn’t just be sitting around!).

What estimated percentage of your dolls’ clothing is made by you? How much of it was bought or swapped for?

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