Spotlight On: Blythe Got Swag

Written on July 27, 2011 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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There’s a little website out there called Blythe Got Swag. It’s a brand new (just started in June) and it’s all dedicated to the fun fashions of our favourite doll: Blythe.

Ran by Maya (also known as kittenvomit on Flickr), the site’s premise is to showcase the outfit that dolls are wearing right now. You can make submissions of your own photos and include information about who designed the clothes that your little fashionista is wearing as well as include links to the shops and to your own sites.

Blythe Got Swag reminds me a lot of those fashion websites dedicated to clothes for people where they showcase their own outfits for the day and mention where they got things and who designed them. It’s pretty neat to see a Blythe equivalent out there! So go ahead and send in a submission of your doll in your favourite (or perhaps funniest) outfit! Be sure to include where you got the cute clothes!

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