Treasures for Dollars: Item 2

Written on September 21, 2011 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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Treasures For Dollars is a mini-series that is completely focused on things that I actually find (and buy) from dollar stores and other similar stores. It will alternate with Blythe On A Budget articles for the next little while until the finale of the mini-series (at Part 10). I hope you enjoy the series!

Hello everyone and welcome to the second instalment of Treasures for Dollars! Just this past weekend I was in a small dollar store that had just opened up and was having a grand opening sale. While it has a lot of things that other dollar store have (cards, party supplies, inexpensive toys and goody bag favours), it also had quite the houseware selection as well as a craft section! But what I was looking for were these:

This card of small metal hair clips were $0.75 (regular price $1, but it was a sale!). So for $0.75 (+ tax), I got all of these little hair clippies which I thought was a pretty good deal. They’re cute, to-scale when put up against a Blythe’s head, and plus the paint on them is pretty decent – doesn’t scratch off easily at all. I think I may decorate them at a later date (maybe glue some bows or something onto them).

What’s a good inexpensive dolly-find you discovered recently?

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