Treasures for Dollars: Item 4

Written on October 19, 2011 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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Treasures For Dollars is a mini-series that is completely focused on things that I actually find (and buy) from dollar stores and other similar stores. It will alternate with Blythe On A Budget articles for the next little while until the finale of the mini-series (at Part 10). I hope you enjoy the series!

Like most Blythe enthusiasts, I spend quite a bit of time looking at photos of Blythes or Blythe clothing or Blythe shoes. It’s just the way that the hobby works out, what with so many people on Flickr posting photos all the time. One type of photo that I’ve always really liked is photos of their dolls (especially Kenners!) in curlers.

I’ve looked for curlers everywhere but I wasn’t about to shell out the $5+ per package of foam hair curlers that the beauty/hair department wanted in a department store.

Besides the price, the rollers were quite large and there were 20+ in a package. I don’t know about your Blythe’s head, but mine’s not that big (ego notwithstanding). But I went to the dollar store a little while ago and found packages of small(er) foam rollers at $1 per package with 8 rollers per pack. While I wasn’t entirely sure if 8 would be enough, I opted to get two packages. They were nice and small (at least compared to the more pricier ones found elsewhere) and I was able to get a smaller amount (I don’t need 20+ rollers that are too big for a doll’s head!).


For the size (and what I needed them for), they work really well! And since I only spent $2 on curlers in total, that’s definitely nothing to complain about.

What’s a good inexpensive dolly-find you discovered recently?

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