Question of the Week: Favourite piece of stock?

Written on February 27, 2012 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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I find that some stock pieces aren’t very useful. I mean, they can be super cute… but what do you use a police outfit for? (Love Mission, I’m eyeing you!) Or rather, how often can you use it? Even Cappuccino Chat’s lush coat and hat set is fantastic and well-made, but how often do your dolls need to be wearing an animal print set? I keep all of my dolls’ stock though, I feel like it really belongs to them and they’re just on loan to me. I like having the stock, sometimes it’s fun to have them dressed up in each others’ stock outfits. I do feel like the older dolls had much more ‘fun’ stock, even if the fabric feels plasticky and the quality in fabric has gone up, for some releases, it was still much more fun to get two full outfits in the box with the doll. Now it’s just one dress and shoes and maybe socks. What’s up with that??

The one who started it all My current favourite pieces of stock are Simply Peppermint’s black boots and black top, which I had paired up with a super cute gold sequined skirt for Sophie to wear. The sleeveless top is very versatile and black looks good with most things. Also, the boots are just darling and I love them. I wish I also had Simply Lilac’s boots as well, just so I could have the set. I love them that much.

I also love the little skates that came with Simply Sparkly Spark and Simply Bubble Boom. I really want to make my dolls skate (on actual ice), but I feel like that’s just a disaster waiting to happen. I’m clumsy when it comes to ice skating, so chances of me getting my dolls to skate well are probably non-existent.

Not surprisingly, I feel that my dolls wear much nicer clothes than I do sometimes. I mean, I don’t knit sweaters for me or crochet hats for me (maybe I should start…). And I actually go and commission clothes for my dolls. When was the last time I commissioned clothes for myself? (The answer is never, by the way.)

What is your favourite piece of stock that you own?

2 Responses to “Question of the Week: Favourite piece of stock?”

  1. Alice AKA @nuwandalice

    Ooooh, well… PD Paris boots are NEVER off one of my girls. Or Doronjo’s boots. I LOVE Doronjo’s stock though it isn’t terribly useful for the ‘everyday’ look 😛 Still awesome awesome awesome, though.

    Stock that I would love to own – Gentle River’s! I bet I’d use that allll the time.

  2. Jane AKA @maidensuit

    Absolutely I would go with Ice Rune’s bear-eared hat. It’s insta-cute and almost always on one of my girls even if no other stock is present!

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