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Written on March 21, 2012 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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March 17 2012 - Fairy Ring

The local Blythe group where I live has a meet once a month since we’ve started, which has been very fun. We try to make the meets fun and put as little stress as possible on the hostess who’s volunteering up their house. So I’ve made a list of some of the things that my local group has done to make meets budget friendly:

  1. Food – Bring food when/if you can to the meet so that the host isn’t required to come up with food for everyone. While not all group members bring food every meet, members have brought items to meets as they can.
  2. Workshops – We’ve had fun group activities with workshops that have involved sewing and decorating hats. It’s a great way to be taught new skills and to also see how everyone makes the same starting item look completely different at the end.
  3. Photo ops – I always find it fun to put together groups of Blythe dolls into big photo opportunities. We’ve done a ‘class photo’ of 1972 dolls. We’ve done a fairy ring of Blythes. It’s always fun to take big photos and to also share photos online for others to see as well.
  4. Locations – We’ve had meets at people’s houses, in public parks. It’s a great idea to find places that are easy to get to via transit, easy to find nearby parking spots and low-cost or free locations.
  5. Themes – It’s a fun idea to give the meet a theme! The most recent one I attended was St. Patrick’s Day and a lot of the dolls that had attended wore green, which was neat. We’ve also done a Hallowe’en-themed meet where there was a costume party (for the dolls!). Not only does it make for a great reason for your dolls to wear fun animal suits that you’ve kept for whatever reason, but it means that all your other clothes can have a reason to come out to meets.

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  1. olivia AKA @oliveplusoh

    I really wish I could find more Blythe people in my area, I’m sure there has to be some…just haven’t been able to flush them out.

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