Share Your Middie Wares!

Written on July 4, 2012 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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March 17 2012 - Middie girl!

I want to feature on as many shops online where Middie things can be bought!

Middie hasn’t been around for very long, and part of the reason that some people are reluctant to purchase a Middie is because there’s a lack of patterns, clothes, accessories, shoes, etc. out there for the medium-sized dolls. I think Middies are an adorable size – I had the (un?)fortunate experience of getting to see Middies in person and fell in love with their epic pocket-sized adorableness. I think I’d like to add a Middie to the doll family in the future, so my future feature on Middie shops is both for my benefit as it is for your benefit.

The deadline for including your shop with Middie-sized items will be July 13th! All you need to do is email me at with the name of your shop and the URL link to the store front. I will pick an item or two from your shop to feature in my future post on Middie shops!

Note: By contributing your shop to this Middle feature, you will be granting me permission to use 1-2 photos from your shop when I feature you in the post.

2 Responses to “Share Your Middie Wares!”

  1. rhubsknit AKA @rhubs

    Hi, I crochet middie hats one can be seen I think both on flickr & fb. I only do commissions. Will post more photos later, but at least you can see the little blue crochet cap with a bow. I also knit berets & & cable knit hats with pompoms.

  2. Pief AKA @pedrofanti

    I’ve never had a middie in my hands, but i’ve seen some cute ones online. too bad they cost as much as a neo sometimes. =/

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