QOTW: What makes Blythe special to you?

Written on October 22, 2012 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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A touch blushy

What makes Blythe special to me? Let me tell you…

  • … they’re always there
  • … because of Blythe, I’ve met some amazing people that I’m proud to call my friends
  • … I’ve been able to become connected to people that I would have never met otherwise
  • … they are non-judgmental (until it comes to my sewing)
  • … they appeal to the little girl in me
  • … how their clothes take up so much less room than my own
  • … how their shoes can be organized in cheap organizer boxes
  • … the click of their eyes
  • … the pip of Kenners
  • … their eyes
  • … the vintage Blythe smell, the feel of the 40 year old plastic
  • … how the pullring fits onto my finger like a ring
  • … she allows me to be morecreative
  • … the expression, the emotion, the thoughtfulness that can come from a plastic object

What makes Blythe special to you?

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