QOTW: How do you use social media in the Blythe hobby?

Written on October 29, 2012 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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For me, the answer is easy. I use it as much as possible when it comes to this blog. I have a Twitter account for BlytheLife (@blythelifecom – add me!) and I also have a Facebook Page (notice that I said page, not profile – you can Like, but not add the site as a friend). I use social media a lot when I’m not promoting or publishing new posts here on BlytheLife because the internet is all interconnected. I like getting into conversations with people online – either via forums, Flickr, Twitter or Facebook regarding Blythe. It’s fun!

I think some people shy away from social media websites because some news articles have demonized it, or they don’t understand it – or maybe they just don’t care. But the internet is always expanding and it is hard to get away from it at times because it’s always there. I’m sure those with smartphones can understand what I’m saying. Since getting my first smartphone in August, I’m constantly connected to ALL THE THINGS. I can check Instagram, Flickr, Twitter and Facebook on my phone (and yes, there are apps for all of those!). I can also check on Blythe Kingdom from my phone or write a new blog post on my phone, all while sitting on the bus or wearing my jammies in bed. It’s quite amazing what you can do with technology now – but it also means that I need to be mindful of turning things off. I had to set boundaries for myself because I was always (always, always, always!) on my phone tweeting something, updating a status, uploading a photo or writing something new for here. It’s hard to step away from social media sometimes, but there are some great points to it. If you want to keep in touch with someone, it makes it so easy.

How do you use social media in the Blythe hobby?

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