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Written on April 26, 2013 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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For those unaware, there is a Tumblr blog/site called Blythe Confessions. The site was started after Doll Confessions was taken offline by the owner (due to inappropriate and rude feedback and personal attacks received). Now the person (or people) who run Blythe Confessions are strictly anonymous and they publish submitted posts to the blog. It allows members of the Blythe community to submit posts to the blog and the confessions are put into a queue and published onto the blog.

There’s been some animosity against the blog, and people for the blog, on the forums. A lot of people have found the Tumblr blog to be offensive or that the confessions are not really “confessions” in the spirit that it was meant to be in. The site has become a great way for people to get things off their chest, but it’s also been a way for people to be bitter over the internet. There have been countless confessions about hats and designer items and being upset over customizers and commission lists. But what of the person or people behind the computer who runs the Blythe Confessions website?


I got in contact with the admin(s) of Blythe Confessions and asked them a few questions, here’s what I asked:

How has reading the confessions of Blythe hobbyists changed your views of the people in the community?
It really hasn’t. There are crazy, bitchy, and friendly people in all areas of life so why should the Blythe crowd be any different? I really enjoy reading the funny confessions, they make wading through the nastiness worthwhile.

How much time does it take to maintain Blythe Confessions on weekly basis?
I would say about 4/5 hours.

On average, how many confessions do you get per day or week?
About 150 per week, but not all of those will be published. A lot are repeats or include name calling.

What made you decide to take on the Blythe Confessions site after Doll Confessions shut down due to rude comments?
I was really sad to see the original taken down as I thought it was a great idea. I had the time and a skin thick enough that the hate mail didn’t get to me. The fact that I have remained anonymous has made that much easier.

What has been the worse comment that you’ve gotten regarding the Blythe Confessions site itself, not about the confessions?
I can’t choose; there are too many! It does make me sad when people complain about the negativity of most of the confessions. They can’t seem to grasp that I just post what is submitted. If they want to read positive things on the site then they need submit them!

I must say, I was surprised at the sheer amount of confessions received! And the amount of work involved – no rest for the wicked it seems! As a blogger myself, I can appreciate the amount of work that goes into putting together a blog and keeping it active. I hope this provides a little insight into the person (or people) behind Blythe Confessions.

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  1. Hm, interesting interview, thanks Michelle! I concede that is a valid point about needing to submit more positive things if that is what we want to see!

  2. Katie AKA @kultofkulta

    It’s easy to have a thick enough skin when you are anonymous.

  3. Chelle says:

    I have a Blythe confession: I have my husband convinced that Blythe dolls cost $20… lol!!!!!

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