QOTW: The largest your family has ever been?

Written on August 19, 2013 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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Family portrait
Once upon a time, I thought that eight was a lot of dolls!

My doll family remains fairly static – as in the fact that nobody ever leaves. However, the dolls do come in and then stay – forever. I’ve gone through moments when I have thought about selling some of my Blythes. Then I realized that no, that’s just not a good idea, and there’s no reason for me to sell them besides a mild whim that is quickly squashed when I realize that I’m being a bit stupid about it. But, I digress. The dolls are here to stay, but yesterday (after adding two more Monster High dolls), I realize that this is the most dolls that I’ve ever owned at the same time. But this could be said with every new addition. I’m currently at: 13 full-sized Blythes, 1 Middie, 1 Petite, 1 ball-jointed doll, 1 mini Lalaloopsy and 6 Monster High dolls (4 out of box, 2 in box). Which means that there’s a total of 23 dolls living with me right now. Twenty-three. That’s a lot! (I’m sure I just made some people who have over 50 dolls chuckle at the naivete that 23 is a lot…)

What is the largest your doll family has ever been?

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  1. SonjeB says:

    Well, I had originally said I’d only need one because I just wanted one to design and sew outfits for as a hobby. Talk about naive. I now have 4 full sized Blythes (1 custom, 1 Neo, 1 Mystery Clone and 1 ADG), 1 middie, 1 LPS on a Picco Neemo body, 1 vintage Tiny Betsy McCall and 1 BJD Snow Faery. I also have a few of my old dolls in storage; I think it is only 3 but it could be more. While I am over the moon with my beloved new custom girl and probably could live without the others, I doubt that I’ll be selling any. I’d like to say that I won’t be buying any more, but damn, that Pang-Ju is awfully cute! 😉

  2. Steph! says:

    I have 9 Blythes, 2 Petites….but if we are going for all time high – I would think that includes childhood and I was a “Doll” girl!!!! I bet I had 50 dolls at least…and not just cheap dolls but Madame Alexander dolls that I played with just as much as my basic baby dolls! I had one whole closet of dolls, suitcases of Barbies, and others stashed around the house! So if I think about my collection right now…childhood puts it in perspective! 😉

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