Blythe On A Budget: Thrifting for Dolly Things

Written on September 4, 2013 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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I adore thrift stores. Not for the general messiness of things, but for the treasures that are waiting to be uncovered. So what I decided to do was feature some of my favourite dolly-related finds since I started hunting around in thrift stores. This happens to have started about the time I started collecting Blythe. I guess we all have that Kenner Blythe thrift store dream in our heads. And it does happen – people have found Kenners for as little as $2 in thrift stores! Unfortunately, I have not been one of them (yet!).

I find that, like all things thrifty, is that it’s hard to judge the quality of something without actually seeing it outside of the bag. And if your local thrift stores are like the ones around here, a lot of the dolls and doll accessories end up getting bundled up in plastic bags so you’re left hoping that the dress that looks like it might fit Blythe actually will. Or that those shoes aren’t a smidge too small after all for the Licca feet on your doll. And it’s hard too, because sometimes all you want is that one thing and you’re having an internal debate to see if it’s worth $3.99 to see if those cute shoes and that skirt will fit any size doll that you happen to have. It can be hard to size clothing even with a spare doll body in your hands because you can’t pull the dresses out or adjust them in the bags so that they actually go against the body properly for a size test. Such is life, unfortunately!

My best dolly thrifting tips are:

  • Go often. Thrift stores get ‘new’ stock in on a daily basis. There’s always going to be something new around.
  • If you don’t want all the things in the bag (and the rest doesn’t fit Blythe), donate it back! A lot of thrift stores are charity-run or some of the profits goes towards a charity in your local community.
  • Bring a spare doll body with you and use it to help you gauge if something is going to fit Blythe or not.
  • Wash your hands/use hand sanitizer (alcohol-based) after a trip to the thrift store. Thrift store stuff isn’t the cleanest stuff around! With flu season approaching, it’s best to wash your hands!

It’s actually been a while since I have last gone to a thrift store and bought anything doll related from a thrift shop. I have bought some vintage doll clothing lots off of eBay and even done few clothing commissions via some fantastic designers lately though! But my favourite thrifted dress is still this one, mostly because it looks good on pretty much every single one of my dolls – and isn’t that what we all want? A closet that everyone can share?:

Stunner. Still nameless. Loves her.

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