QOTW: Do you leave feedback?

Written on March 10, 2014 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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I am personally a little guilty of this. I typically do not leave feedback unless prompted to do so. This is one of the reasons why eBay and Etsy are some of the few places that I will leave feedback. I get prompted to, there’s emails to remind me about leaving feedback. Heck, even Amazon will send me follow-up emails to ask me what I thought about that book that I bought (and since the book is likely a textbook, no I did not enjoy it). And when I started in the Blythe hobby, what feels like many moons ago, there were few places to leave feedback. Forums weren’t feedback friendly, there were no Facebook Blythe groups, and the economy that is the dolly marketplace was (and still is) relatively self-regulated.

Is this a good thing? Sure, there’s no Big Brother forcing you to toe the line and listings can be fairly individualized. But it was (and still is) occasionally a bad thing because there is no formal feedback system that allows you to see who did or did not renege on a deal somewhere. I sometimes forget that not everyone knows where to go to give feedback, especially those who many be new to the world of Blythe. Feedback, good or bad, should be left because it highlights the good and bad of each transaction.

If you know of any great feedback places for dolls/Blythes/sundries sales, let me know!

Do you leave feedback?

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  1. K. @maidencanada76 AKA @MaidenCanada

    I was doing it on bk for awhile but it seemed daunting because of the way their messages are set up.

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