QOTW: Any love for Middies and Petites?

Written on March 17, 2014 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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Despite Middies and Petites being on the scene, and them still being in production by Takara, it seems that the full-sized Blythe (real or fake) is always the star when it comes to the world of Blythe. My first doll in this venture of Blythe was a Neo Blythe (Sophie, my Cappuccino Chat). Petites didn’t even register on my radar until I saw one in person and saw how cute they could be! But somehow I couldn’t justify it to myself to buy a $15 toy locally (yet I can for something 10x that price online, sight unseen?). And while I adore Middies in photos, I find more people have Blythes over Middies.

A little knit Middie dress for Kitty Brighton.

Is there a wane in love for these smaller sisters? Or is it because Blythe, in general, offers more functionality as doll? After all, Blythe has the changing eyes, knees that can bend and, overall, a much larger wardrobe and shopping capability online. Middie lacks the ability to share most clothes with Blythe, and definitely does not have four sets of eyes. And don’t get me started on the Petites – those shoes are impossibly small! I don’t even photograph them as much as I could (or as much as I should), but that stands for the Kenners and Neos as well. I have them, but really, they just stay where they are because I don’t have the wardrobe for them. I really should create more for my Middie (and the two Petites) so they do have a larger wardrobe. It’s the least that I could do, seeing as how none of them have had a wardrobe change in a very, very long time.

Any love for Middies and Petites?

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  1. Karrie says:

    I just don’t feel the love for any other than the full size Blythe. Occasionally I’ll see a smaller one and think they’re kinda cute, but just not special to me like the full size Blythe.
    If I were to choose other cute dolls or doll related things to spend my money on other than blythe, it’d go to clothing for blythe or handmade stuffed animals 🙂

  2. Gillian Bell says:

    I’d been collecting Neo Blythe dolls for just under a year before I saw my first Middie in real life. Whilst she was much cuter than any pics I’ve seen show – I have to say I don’t feel the love like I do for full size girls!

  3. Cherish says:

    I’m in the minority- I have a HUGE amount of love for the Middies! I love their little head-tilt, the way you can position their eyes more accurately, and I actually prefer to sew for Middies over Neos (I find the smaller size more fun to sew).

    Overall, I’d say my Middie girls get about as much attention as my Neo girls do… sometimes a little more.

  4. Lissa says:

    I came to blythe by pictures on the internet. but because of collecting a 1:18 dollshouse the blythes were much so big for me. So I got in love with petite Blythe (mine can bend her knees, too). In a few days I will get my first Blythe, I totally lost my head for her. But I will always love my petite!

  5. Jane AKA @maidensuit

    I love Middies in pictures, but I just find I don’t enjoy dressing or photographing mine as much as I do her bigger sisters. But I enjoy pictures of Middies taken by other people as much as I do pictures of Neos.

  6. Steph says:

    I fantasize about getting a middie to keep in my purse!

  7. addie says:

    I love my Middie Parker and my little Petite girls – although it’s harder to find fashions for them, it’s not impossible, and my girls get just as much love and attention as my full sized girls! Also, they are pocket sized which makes them easier to take on photo shoots (or hide in your luggage when going on holiday)….
    I say give the littles a chance 😉

  8. Jane says:

    Well I love them all, but, I found a new love for petite’s recently after getting a commission for some petite knitwear. It has been such fun knitting so tiny and I love the way that they can pop in my knitting bag and keep me company 🙂

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