To Moo, or Not to Moo

Written on July 16, 2014 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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Back when I was a baby doll blogger (so, 2011), I attended BlytheCon in Portland but I hadn’t even thought of making Moo cards or business cards or any kind of promotional “me” item at all. It was a total derp moment. Not only that, when I was introducing myself, it was a lot of “Hello, my name is Michelle. My screen name is chelleshocks” rather than “Hello, my name is Michelle. My screen name is chelleshocks, I also write BlytheLife” because… why not? Baby steps, I have since learned! I’ve found, through online interactions and even with people that I’ve met in person, that more people tend to know BlytheLife than my username. And with the upcoming convention that I will be attending, I did not want to make the same mistake that I had made 3 years ago.

The problem for me was to determine where to have cards printed at. Did I want to go the popular route and get Moo cards? What images would I get printed? Would Sophie shank me in my sleep if the majority of the photos that I used did not heavily feature her? (The answer is yes, by the way, yes she would. With a dolly-sized stiletto.) I couldn’t decide if I was going to go with regular business card-sized cards, or with the mini Moo cards. So I did what any self-respecting person does, and I Google’d it. Specifically, I did an internet search on online printer reviews. I didn’t need to order cards from everyone because someone else had already done the leg work for me!¬†And that deserved a teeny tiny pat on the back. And also the world’s smallest violin being played for thinking that. Regardless, I did an internet search, found several blog posts from people waxing about the pros and cons of several major online printing companies.

A lot of good things were said about the Moo cards – both mini and not. I knew from experience, having collected many of these cards, that the card stock is thick, the colours is vivid, but looking on the website also revealed to me that the price was high for a small amount. When I figured out the cost per card, it was a bit cost prohibitive to get a bunch for handing out. That is one of the primary reasons why I decided against getting Moo cards. If I had the money, I definitely would have gotten them. But for a simplistic design, where there were no photos, I think I was okay with going with another online printer.

This happened, finally!! #blythelife

Then in comes VistaPrint. They happened to have a well-placed Facebook ad at the time that offered a discount on their standard business cards and free shipping. True, their shipping rates are flat-rate, but I am a sucker for free shipping. So I ordered some cards, got their standard shipping.

I ordered on July 3rd, and the email said “You can expect to receive your order in 14 Days.” My order was shipped July 10th and arrived July 15th. So, if we were to assume that they meant 14 days, total, it arrived two days early. But if that was 14 business days, that would have been July 23rd. Either way, it arrived early, well packaged, and I’m quite pleased with the quality! Lines are crisp, the colours are great, and I’m pleased that I’ll have something when someone asks me at BlytheCon if I have cards to swap. True, they’re not as dainty (and oh-so-adorable) as the mini Moo cards, but for the price (and savings on free shipping!), I am more than okay with that!

Savings on cards mean that I could put more money towards other things to bring along to BlytheCon. But more on that later…

Do you have cards – either for a business or just because? Where do you get yours printed?

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  1. K. AKA @MaidenCanada

    I have used both vistaprint and moo. Both offer great deals and have great colour. Vista is also good for magnets and mugs.

  2. Jane AKA @maidensuit

    They look fab!! Very professional and clean.

    I do have business cards — which is so silly since this is my hobby! But it’s really nice to have a card to include with my outgoing Etsy stuff. My mother’s a graphic designer and knows the ins and outs of printing, so she told me to design whatever I wanted, tidied them up for me, had them done for me locally. I have a box of 500 and I’ve only used about 200…

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