QOTW: Who are you bringing to BlytheCon Seattle?

Written on July 28, 2014 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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Deciding how to bring to BlytheCon is probably taking more mental energy that it really should. Back in 2011, I only had the 5 dolls to choose from so choosing two was not as difficult as it is right now. So what I did, this time, was to line up all my dolls and then muse about the pros and the cons of each one. For instance, Sophie was left home in 2011 because she has long, fine hair and I didn’t want to deal with flyaway and static-filled hair. This is still true, because there is no way that I’m cutting her hair, so she is still staying home.

I plan on bringing two Blythes with me to Seattle. I haven’t fully decided if anyone else will be coming with me (such as a Petite, or my Usaggie). That remains to be seen, but for now it will be a two-doll kind of attendance for me. Any more and that’s just too many for me to hold and cart around (I need hands for shopping!). Doll number one will be Eden Mouse, primarily because she is a favourite (shh, don’t tell Sophie!), and I have the perfect outfit picked out for her.

92/365 - Giggles.
“I’m going to be at BlytheCon! Are you going to say hi to me??”
This is not what Eden will be wearing, but it will be a lot of pink. A. Lot. Of. Pink.

Who else should I bring though? There’s such an assortment for me to consider. Last time, I had gone down with Eden and Belarus (Love Mission). I’m thinking that someone else will go down this time instead of Belarus, but who? How do I make a choice between everyone? More importantly: who would you want to see down in Seattle? All I know is that whoever is going will wind up getting some pretty awesome swag while they’re at the convention. Accompanying me as its perks!

Who are you bringing to BlytheCon Seattle?

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  1. Heather AKA @claribari

    I brought two to Texas, four to NYC (it was close enough) and I have decided three will come to Seattle. My first girl Cassie has been to them all; Pocket is my 365 girl, and then I made a list of who has been and who hasn’t been to a con yet. I decided Fawn, my Mondie would be the third. Amazing how much time/energy it took to decide on the three and then select their outfits for the pre-meet, con itself, and travel days.

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