QOTW: Are you taking a doll on vacation this summer?

Written on June 16, 2015 at 12:30 pm by Michelle
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Taking dolls on trips is fun. While this summer is not a summer that I’ll be going anywhere far (I believe staycation is the term for what I’ll be doing?), it is fun to take dolls around with me anyways. Despite being in the Blythe hobby since 2009, I can still be shy when it comes to pulling out a doll in public and taking photos with them. I do much better with public doll photography when I’m with other people who also have dolls. Safety in numbers applies to public doll enthusiasm as well!


I tend to choose which doll(s) I take on trips based on who has the easiest to manage hair. That is one of my primary criteria for taking a doll along – if they have hair that will behave because one of the last things I want to do when on a trip is deal with unruly or ridiculously tangled doll hairs. Especially since I never remember to bring a comb or brush with me!

Are you taking a doll on a vacation this summer?

2 Responses to “QOTW: Are you taking a doll on vacation this summer?”

  1. Olive says:

    I’m planning on traveling with a doll in a few weeks! I think I will be less self conscious knowing that no one there will know me or ever see me again XD. I’m not sure which girl I will bring… Or what wardrobe to pack for the girl.

  2. addie says:

    I’ve just come back from a two week road trip in the USA with my Kenner! First holiday with a doll and I loved it 🙂

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