QOTW: What’s your “upper spending limit”?

Written on July 11, 2016 at 3:45 pm by Michelle
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There is a hard upper spending limit, and then there is a hard upper spending limit when it comes to dolls and doll things – and for me it really varies depending on what it is and what my income level is like.

Way back when I was a lowly unemployed student (basically, just over a year ago), my spending limit on dolls and dolls things was very close to $10-15 a month. If I wanted a new doll, which was most of the time, I really needed to juggle around the money a bit to figure out how I was going to come up with the money. Was it going to be selling old textbooks for a bit of cash, or holding out for a research study that was going to pay me $25-50 for an hour of my time? Broke student life is pretty much the definition of stretching every single dollar as far as it will go.

20160711“Basically, you’re saying that I was totally worth it.”

My upper spending limit has me looking at a few things: what doll is it, do I really want it or just ‘really’ want it, and the condition the doll is it. I’m far more willing to spend more on a limited release or a Kenner if it’s something that I really want vs. a regular release of a doll. I’m also more willing to spend more for a doll with a really nice and gorgeous reroot in natural fibres than I am for a hybrid doll that may come with a scalp that came from a Simply regular release Blythe. This goes for clothes as well, because I’m more likely to be picky about cost when it comes to stock doll clothes or very run of the mill shoes vs. a commissioned and/or handmade doll dress, or hand stitched boots. Since I’m somewhat gainfully employed now, I can afford such things (but given that I have 7 years worth of clothes on hand at this time, I can also afford to be more picky about things).

For me personally, the most I’ve ever spend on a doll was just under four digits (ahead of the decimal point…) and the most I’ve ever spent on a single item of clothing was probably around $70 or so (after the exchange rate from USD $ to CAD $). And let’s not discuss shoes, because I feel like that would be a) embarrassing and b) worthy of its own post.

What is your “upper spending limit” when it comes to dolls or doll things?

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  1. Anne AKA @anneheathen

    Like you said, I think this really depends on a lot of factors. The time I spent the most was when I was putting together my custom girl, Ash – I didn’t spend much on the doll itself (she was a bald Adorable Aubrey with no clothes or shoes) but I did spend quite a bit on having her customized with a faceup and mohair reroot, and I spent more than I probably otherwise would have on special pull charms and such. Totally worth it, though!

  2. Kirsten AKA @lady_kire

    It really depends on the rarity of the doll, the condition it’s in, and if any work is done. Most I spent on a doll was my BL who was on the top of my rather low budget.

    With clothes, I’m really cheap and only buy clothes if it comes in a lot, or if it’s at the thrift store…

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