Pros and Cons to NRFB and Used Blythes

Written on July 6, 2010 at 10:30 am by Michelle
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I currently have six Blythes, five of them had been NRFB (Never Removed From Box) and one of them had been used with previous owners. My first five Blythes were actually NRFB, so I think that really mattered to me at that point. When I got my Cappuccino Chat, there was just this sense of excitement when I carefully opened up the box, slide her out with all the stuff that had tape plastered all over it. Every long strip of tape came off with something attached to it and it was so much fun. It was better than my birthday and Christmas and any other major present-receiving holiday combined.

Some pros and cons to buying a NRFB Blythe:

Pros would be that you’re pretty much guaranteed to have all the stock (which is a huge plus if you love it), you’d get the doll in minty condition and hopefully no messy factory paint jobs, and you get to be the very first person to remove her from a box and enjoy her.

Cons are that NRFB is more expensive than a used version, you have to deal with ‘box hair’ and all that danged tape holding the doll and all her stock prisoner inside of the box.

On the flip side, my Blythe that was bought used, Velvet Minuet, was an absolute dream. I knew what she would look like right outside of the box and she came with nearly complete stock and was at a price lower than a used nude version on that popular internet auction website at the time. The person selling her to me disclosed all flaws, told me how easy the eyes were roll (Velvet Minuet is an early SBL and has that ‘extreme downward gaze’ that everyone seems to hate).

Some pros and cons to buying a used Blythe:

Pros would be that the price is lower when compared to a NRFB version of the same doll, you can get the doll nude if you’re not fond of the stock and don’t even care if you own it and you can potentially see more photos of the doll in different angles and even ask for more photos.

Cons would be that the doll could have been customized and the current owner is not aware of it (i.e. there could have been a hair cut, the scalp could have been removed, super glue could have been used on it), special qualities of the doll may no longer be in pristine condition (i.e. painted on tattoos, painted fingernails), the doll may have scratched makeup (eyeshadow, lips, blush) that the current owner may not notice and you may not get the stock that you want, if you are partial to the doll but also want all the stock (and are not willing to pay for the NRFB price).

My final thoughts

Choosing between a NRFB doll and a used doll is really a personal preference. Some people love getting only brand new dolls, others don’t mind the idea of a previously owned doll. I used to only prefer getting dolls brand new, minty-minty in the box, but that’s because it was all I had exposure to. After getting my Velvet Minuet and having a great experience with buying a used doll, I’m almost a convert. For me, buying a used doll is the same as buying a used anything else – it’s important to do your research about the item itself and about the seller too.

I do think that each doll purchase should be made responsibly, regardless of your preference for NRFB or used dolls. Dolls are meant to be a hobby and something to be enjoyed, not something that creates more debt for you. If I can’t buy a new (or even new-to-me) doll straight-out without having credit card debt (even for a little while), I don’t buy it. It’s not worth the hassle and the stress that comes from being a little financially reckless. So buy new dolls responsibly and enjoy each and every one of them.

What do you think?

Are you a NRFB Blythe collector? Or do you like the idea of your dolls having a history and a past before they reached you? Share your thoughts!

4 Responses to “Pros and Cons to NRFB and Used Blythes”

  1. Anne AKA @anneheathen

    Great post! I have three Blythes, all of which have been previously owned. I did careful research on the sellers (well, one is a friend of mine, so she already had my trust) and I have been very pleased with all of the deals and dolls. I think that you’re right – if you don’t necessarily care about owning the stock and you make sure your seller is reputable, you can get a great deal on a girl you’ll be pleased with.

  2. Mama Lisa says:

    Every newbie should read this article! Lots of great information.

    I have 2 previously owned and two NRFB Blythes. Although it was awesome to open a NRFB, my Blythe has rarely worn her Stock outfit. It seems you pay a premium for the stock outfits which is a waste of money if they never use them again.

    • Sarah says:

      I think that really depends on who’s stock it is. Friendly Freckles’ stock is pretty useful, and a lot of people want things like Merry Skier’s pjs and skiing set, and RDP’s outfits are always highly prized. It’s a lot easier to buy it NRFB and flip the doll (unless you decide you like her) than hunting down each piece individually.

  3. I’ve had 14 Blythes: 7 NRFB, 2 NRFB but nude, and 5 nude. I’m actually surprised by how many I’ve gotten NRFB! The ones I got nude/used were mostly older and/or rarer dolls that would have cost a ton more NRFB, so I loved the option to buy them second-hand. Some of those I have wanted the stock for, but either bought full sets when I had the money later, or amassed them piece by piece in forum BSTs.

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