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Written on November 1, 2010 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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Happy November, everyone! I hope you all had a lovely Halloween and got lots of candy while trick-or-treating (or just had fun hitting up all the 50%-off candy sales today!). For the voice behind, I spent a lot of time studying, cleaning, baking, cooking, doing some laundry and grocery shopping… It was essentially a normal weekend for me (minus the candy sales, of course).

I got an email from a visitor of asking me about how much time I put into the website, how I always get the posts out at (generally) the same time all the time.

Well, for the second question (regarding the time), WordPress has a handy-dandy little scheduling feature! I usually write my posts in advanced and schedule them from 12:00pm in my time zone (currently Pacific Daylight Savings, but it will be Pacific Standard on November 7th). Writing the posts in advance is a fantastic way for me to get to think about what I want to say, gather my thoughts, to edit (or try to, I do let some spelling and grammar errors get through sometimes) and source out photos if I don’t have one of my own to use. Like anything, I do my best to put out quality work, I like making lists, I like illustrations, I strive to put out original content at all times.

I heart Rob & Sioux

And as for the amount of time I put into the website… Oh boy. I get a lot of email to sort through each day. There’s usually 50+ spam emails that I delete just by looking at the name of the sender and at the subject title (I’m a woman, I don’t need enlargement supplements of that variety, thank you, and I don’t have any long lost relatives that recently passed away to leave me as the sole heir to billions of dollars). I usually spend about 15 minutes a day on email. I usually set aside a small portion of my week (usually towards the end of the week) to writing new posts, like this one, for future publishing. Interview questions are done as soon as I humanly can, I try to get interviews done fairly quickly to give the person I’m interviewing time to reflect over the questions and pick the photos that they want to showcase. It is a time consuming project, this website, but I really enjoy working on it and the feedback that I get from people – I’ve gotten a lot of support from people in the Blythe community since went live in July.

To the person who asked those questions, I hope this post answered them!

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, let me know down below in the comments or contact me!

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  1. Andie says:

    Wow, you get alot of spam!! Pretty happy this site’s around though, thanks for putting so much effort into it!

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