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People who customize are pretty much fantastic to me, seeing as I’m not exactly customizing-inclined and I love looking at photos of customized Blythes. Customizations by Melly Kay is no exception! She has a wonderful eye for colour, combines her style with everyone’s favourite doll’s style. You can check out Melly Kay’s website and Flickr photostream to see all there is that she offers, and it’s all wonderful.

Hi Melly Kay! What can you tell us about yourself?
Well, I’m a 29 year old doggie daycare employee/artist and I’ve been customizing Blythe dolls since January of this year and I love it! I’m enjoying being a part of the Blythe community and making all kinds of awesome contacts and friends πŸ™‚

How did you discover Blythe?
I think I first saw Blythe on someone’s blog…I don’t remember which blog, but it seems like the author had a Blythe doll and posted some pictures. I remember wondering what this big-headed doll was and being really intrigued. Then I kept seeing Blythe dolls pop up here and there on different sites and that led me to Flickr where I discovered the world of customized Blythe dolls. I was blown away by all the gorgeous girls and the beautiful photography After seeing all of this, I knew then I had to learn to customize so I started researching and learning as much as I could about it…

Who was the first Blythe that you customized and what did you learn from the experience?
The first Blythe that I customized was an ADG Pleasant Peasant who I named Gaga. I bought her on ebay and I decided to learn to customize on her. I remember being so excited but also very nervous because I’d read about how hard ADGs are to open. But I got my girl open and did all the common customizations on her one by one. I learned so much while customizing her! Obviously I learned about doll parts and customizing tools/methods, but I think the main thing I gained from it was confidence. I went into this not know how to do any of it and being very nervous about messing the doll up. After I was done and she turned out so cute, it made me realize that maybe this is something I should pursue!

There are so many different Blythe molds and not all of them open up the same way, which ones do you like working with the best and why?
I like the RBL mold (especially the translucent girls!) mainly because I’ve worked on them more than any other mold. For me, they’re easy to open and I love their stock look & expression. But I look forward to working with the other molds too. I’m dying to do my first EBL!

If you could describe your customizing style in 140 characters or less, how would you describe it?
Playful, sweet, colorful, kawaii, whimsical, intricate & just fun! My style is basically a fusion of all the things I love & am inspired by!

I get nervous just thinking about opening up a doll’s head, what is something that you find challenging about customizing and how do you overcome this challenge?
My biggest challenge with customizing is battling nerves! I am a worrier by nature anyway, so the fear of screwing up someones doll can get intense. (I usually get so nervous when the doll arrives that I leave her in the box for a day or two and avoid her at all costs, haha!) I try to overcome the fear by being confident in my ability. I know that I can do the work and I have never had any major accidents, so I remind myself of that and press on. Once I sit down and start the custom, I usually feel a lot better too! Also, I try to play music while I’m customizing too. Music is a big part of my life and it really helps me mellow out and stay focused.

For those who have never gotten a doll customized before, what are some things that you would tell them to look for in a customizer?
Hmm, I would say first and foremost, educate yourself about Blythe customs and know a little bit before diving in. It helps to know terminology and stuff like that. Then I would look at the customizer’s style and abilities. There are so many great customizers out there with different artistic styles so be sure to find one that is customizing Blythe in the way that appeals to you. Also, be sure to check out their portfolio so you can see the quality of their work. I recommend asking lots of questions and getting to know your potential customizer too. You should look for someone who explains everything to you and helps you understand the process.

I know each and every customizer works a little differently, what can you tell us about the process from initially talking to you to finally receiving a Blythe back in the mail from you?
Initially, we’ll go over services and pricing. I like to make sure the client understands what they will get and how much it will cost. Then we discuss color palettes and potential themes. I like for the client to give me as much input as possible about colors they like/don’t like and that sort of thing. I keep a notebook of every client and their requests for their doll so that when the doll arrives I know exactly what to do and I don’t get disorganized. Once the client is sure they want a custom from me, I request they send the doll and payment. When the doll arrives, she gets her own sealed bin and I keep all of her parts, screws, t-bar, clothing, etc. in this bin so that her belongings don’t get lost or sent home with the wrong doll. When I begin working on the doll, I like to try and get the face-up done first and get approval on the colors and then usually I’ll go back and do touch-ups and add little details. I take pictures and send messages throughout the entire process so the client knows exactly what’s going on with their doll. Once the doll is finished, I box her back up and she’s on her way home! I always ship via USPS with tracking & insurance. I also offer FREE touch-ups on minor damage (rubs, fine scratches, etc)…all the client pays is shipping.

What’s your favourite thing about customizing Blythe and why?
My favorite thing about customizing Blythe is the way it makes me feel. You know how sometimes you feel like you don’t know where you’re headed or what your purpose in life is? Well, for me, customizing is one of the few things in my life that I KNOW I’m supposed to be doing. It feels like my purpose right now. It’s kind of weird, but when I found Blythe and started customizing, it feel like everything had come full circle. I have done all kinds of art (painting, making miniature food, graphic illustration, crafting, etc) and it feels like I learned a lot of that to prepare me for Blythe. I’ve taken a lot of the tools and techniques from those art forms and applied them to Blythe and it’s helped so much! Basically, I just love Blythe dolls. They’re so fun and different…and being able to make a girl OOAK is icing on the cake! I don’t have anything against stock dolls, but when you see a Blythe “come alive” through customization, it’s amazing! You would think I’d get used to it, but sometimes I look at a finished girl and I’m utterly amazed. I’m like, “I did that…WOW I rock!” LOL! It really is a magical thing and I love being a part of it! I also LOVE the Blythe community as well. We’re just big kids letting our freak flags fly πŸ˜‰ In the documentary, Beautiful Losers, artist Ed Templeton talks about (and I’m paraphrasing here) how as kids we imagine, play, color, and create a lot…but once we grow-up we’re expected to put away our toys and be adults…He says there’s something amazing and beautiful about grown-ups who don’t lose that childlike nature to play, create, and dream! That’s what customizing Blythe does for me…it keeps that side of me alive and excited πŸ™‚

What comes to mind when you see people enjoying the customs that you have done?
Just pure happiness comes to mind! Whether it’s people leaving wonderful comments about my customs on Flickr or seeing pictures of my custom girls in their new homes, it just makes me smile really big. These girls are SO special to me and for another person to feel the same way about them is just amazing to me…I’m still in awe about it at times!

Like any artist, customizers draw their inspiration from somewhere. Where do you get your inspiration from for your customs?
I think the main thing that inspires me is Blythe herself! From the hair colors to the eye chips to the clothing, it all makes me feel creative! I get inspired by lots of things though…beautiful colors, textures, music, characters from my favorite movies/tv shows, nature, and most definitely other customizers! My favorite customizer is frankie.DARLING and I love browsing her Flickr photostream and looking at all of her beautiful girls. I think her customizing style is so unique and the way she photographs her girls really makes her work pop! When I look at her customs, I see HER if that makes sense. Who she is shines through and I really aspire for people to see ME when they see my girls!

Thank you so much for doing this interview with me, Melly. Just one last question, what kind of advice do you have to give to someone who’s new to the Blythe hobby?
You’re so welcome and thank you for having me! As far as advice, first I would say learn as much as you can. I spent a lot of time researching the first few months and it helped me understand things so much better. I’d also say reach out and join a forum or get on Flickr and connect with all the Blythe lovers there.The Blythe community is wonderful and there are so many amazing people from around the globe that connect with. I’d also say go into i with a budget and plan of some sort. Blythe is addictive and expensive so prepare yourself for that. Don’t be impulsive like me, lol! Every single time I buy a girl I like on impulse, it never fails that a “dream girl” I really want goes up for adoption a few days after and I don’t have the funds to get her. Take your time, plan your collection out and have fun!!

Melly Kay is giving away a customized Blythe, meet Miss Bellatrix Gamma Ray!

Melly Kay customized this lovely Bohemian Peace and this is Bellatrix Gamma Ray! You can check out her Flickr set and totally fall in love with her.

You can get up to three entries for this giveaway draw and you can enter until Saturday November 13th at 11:59pm PST. The draw will be held on Sunday November 14th and the winner will be announced on Remember to use a valid email address for all comments. If you win, your email will be forwarded to Melly Kay for arranging shipment of the prize.

Please only use one email address per person, those using multiple email addresses for more entries will be disqualified.

Entry #1: It’s short and simply this week: what’s your favourite thing about Blythe?

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Win a Melly Kay Custom! Find the details at

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143 Responses to “Interview with Melly Kay and a Blythe Giveaway!”

  1. kathi_minikatie AKA @kathi_minikatie

    What a nice read and such pretty, colorful girls!

    My favorite thing about Blythe is I’ve never met a custom girl I didn’t like :).

  2. sioux AKA @thesurfindead

    wow this is one amazing give away!! o.o
    the interview was wonderful! i really love how dreamy and colorful melly kay’s girls are!

    my favorite thing about blythe besides the dolls themselves is the community and how creative everyone is.. it really makes my day to see all the wonderful photographs everyone takes of blythe dolls.

    here’s my tweet:!/milkandkisses/status/1369404960935936

  3. Christine AKA @Unicornmine

    I hope I win!! πŸ™‚ I just posted this on my twitter! πŸ˜‰

    I ADORE Melly Kay customs! Yay!!

  4. Lisa says:

    I’ve sold a Blythe or two to “Melly Kay” and I have been amazed at the way they turned out. She is an awesome artist.

    My favorite thing about Blythe is the variety of people who love and collect her. She knows no age barrier and is loved by people of many nations.

  5. Elisa says:

    I am a big fan of Melly’s and amazed at her beautiful imaginative custom girls.. its great to get to know even more about her thanks to this interview.. πŸ™‚

  6. Licia says:

    Your work is awesome, and I’m totally in love with your new custom girl Bellatrix, I want her so bad!!!!!! πŸ™‚ Hope I can get a small chance to win her!
    My favorite thing about Blythe, is that it is a great (addictive) hobby, where you meet alot of new dolly friends πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    I started collecting Blythe dolls a year ago, and I love it!! <3

  7. June Marie says:

    Love your customs girl! great interview! Nice to know more about how you started and your inspiration <3

  8. feebee42 AKA @feejbee42

    Oooh! What a wonderful custom!
    My favourite thing about Blythe is her versatility… she can be cute and kawaii, punk or dark – so many different looks from one amazing doll!

  9. Steph! says:

    I look forward to these interviews! This was another fabulous one! I love the movie quotes about staying in touch with childhood!

    My favorite thing about blythe….She lets me be creative in short bursts and as a working mom…I only have short bursts to be creative!

  10. Maribel AKA @Voo_doolady

    Really enjoyed reading your interview! I have been wanting to customize one of my girls but cannot get the nerve to do it. I’m too scared and reading about how you feel before working on a girl made me feel that it doesnt matter how experience you are your always going to have a little fear of working on a new girl!! πŸ˜› I don’t have any customized girls in my B girl family I hope a Melly Kay girl can change that with this contest!!! πŸ˜›

    My favorite thing about Blythe are all the friends I have met because of her and how she has inspired me to learn how to do many things like sewing and photography!

  11. Kim says:

    Melly Kay’s work is incredible! Best lips around in my opinion!

    My favorite thing about Blythe? I feel like I get to let out little bits of my personality through my dolls. The way they dress, the attitude I “give” them, it’s all tiny parts of me coming out through Blythe. πŸ™‚

    • Selda AKA @vZtdfTlXCrryUMMs

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  13. April says:

    Here’s my blog post for an entry:

  14. April says:

    Last entry: My favorite thing about Blythe ~ The dolly community !! πŸ™‚

  15. April says:

    And now that I’ve done my 3 (fingers crossed entries) ~ Wonderful interview. Melly Kay is amazing and I’m so excited she’s becoming such a light in the dolly community.

    We love you MK !! <3

  16. Amy Miller says:

    My favourite thing about Blythe is the fact that she is so expressive. More expressive, I think, than other dolls. I think it likely has to do with her unique eyes.

  17. Julie says:

    My favorite thing about Blythe are those great big beautiful eyes.

  18. What a wonderful interview. I stumbled upon Melly Kay’s Flickr photostream recently and have been a big fan ever since! Her girls have a polished , sweet look about them.

    My favorite thing about Blythe, is that I can be creative with them and dress them up. I wasn’t really into dolls when I was little and now I am. It’s been a great bonding experience between my daughter and I.

  19. Sarah AKA @sayruh_k

    My favorite thing about Blythe is how each one is different and they can be customized so many ways!

  20. Sarah AKA @sayruh_k

    I tweeted about this too!!/TheMamaPirate

  21. Sarah AKA @sayruh_k

    I forgot I had a Blythe blog but found it and blogged this! Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway!

  22. Stacy says:

    What an awesome giveaway! My favorite thing about Blythe is the incredible community of creative people I have met through her!
    Now off to tweet about the giveaway-
    my twitter name is Tunibug

  23. Amanda says:


    Win a Melly Kay Custom! Find the details at

    i put this on my twitter !

    What an amazing give away ! the thing i love about blythe is all dolls are so differant, each doll has a differant personailty
    i love everyone in the hobby, they are so creative and nice ! i have made plenty of friends !\
    my twitter name is Lillybean1717

  24. Penny says:

    I LOVE MK’s customs! I’m on the list to send a doll to her in a few months, yay!

    What I love about Blythe is the unique personality of each doll, even two stock dolls that are exactly the same. The owner of each doll really shines through. And I love the community…everyone is so fun, and nice!

  25. Samara says:

    My favorite thing about Blythe is a time for myself, for fun, meeting friends and creativity!!!

    I’m lucky to have 3 girls customized by MK, she’s AWESOME!!!!! I’m totally in love with the girls!!!

  26. Kelly says:

    Beautiful work!

    The thing I love best about Blythe is the childlike charm she exudes!
    (I’d love to win this custom girl!!!)

  27. Charity AKA @charityblaine

    I love their sweet faces and how each one has her own personality.
    I also love the fun clothes and hair. I likely won’t colour my own hair pink or blue, but who says my Blythe can’t?

  28. Charity AKA @charityblaine

    I tweeted @CharityBlaine

  29. Charity AKA @charityblaine

    And finally, I blogged about the giveaway.
    What a super fantastic giveaway!

  30. Shelly says:

    I love the adorable little faces of each Blythe.

  31. Kristy says:

    My favorite thing about Blythes is that I think they are just plain cute, not creepy.

  32. Tara says:

    My Most favorite thing about Blythe, her Big Eye’s, Massive Head and the ability she has to either draw you in or creep you out. Either way, no one can ignore her! I love you Blythe.

    Gorgeous custom, good luck everyone xoxo

  33. Sharon says:

    What a great competition and opportunity to win one of Melly’s beautiful Blythes !

    The thing I love about Blythe is that aside from the appeal of the dolls themselves the hobby doesn’t merely involve buying dolls and displaying them like any other collectable. Being a Blythe collector encourages all kinds of creativity – photography, sewing, designing and customising as well as welcoming you into an active community of like-minded people.

    I’ve blogged about the contest on my blog –

  34. My favourite thing about Blythe is the ability to customize the dolls, that way they become truly and uniquely yours.

  35. My favorite thing about Blythe is that I never grew out of loving toys, children’s books, and other cute things, and I felt like everyone else on the planet except me got a memo on how to be an adult. When I found Blythe by accident on a blog and was introduced to flickr and blythe forums I was so excited to know that there was a HUGE group of people out there just like me!! It is great to not feel so alone! I love how Blythe brings together this population of artists, crafters, and kind hearted, fun people. You can see different aspects of each person’s personality in their dollies and people make connections when they really love someone else’s style. <3 Thanks for the interview!! It was great.

  36. Janna Lynn says:

    My favorite thing about Blythe dolls are how individual they can all look, when polished up by amazing artists like Melly Kay! They all look like different little people with amazing style and big eyes, and I love that their hair are all different colors! My hair is pink and its nice to see dolls with pink hair! This is such a great offer! I would love to win!! Take Care, Janna Lynn

  37. Janna Lynn says:

    I tweeted about it too!!/shewearscrazy

    Oh yeah!! πŸ™‚ Take Care, Janna Lynn

  38. Megan says:

    Aww, this is so nice. I love all of Melly’s girls. I have been following her customs since she started. My favorite thing about Blythe is the other activities that Blythe leads too. People who Blythe are also artists (customizers), sewers, knitters, photographers; the creativity in the Blythe community is amazing.

  39. What do I love about Blythe? I love the fact that teens/adults can have a doll all their own. The dolls are adorable, stylish and make you feel like you’re a kid again. They have their own unique look to them and they all look so different. They’re beautiful!

    Krissy >>

  40. katsparkles says:

    This was a nice read.

  41. Priscilla AKA @beanbeanting

    My favorite thing about Blythe is their BIG BIG beautiful eyes and the personalities that come out of it!!!!! I love Blythe!!!

  42. fee says:

    My fav things are about blythes is…gosh I have to choose one?
    I’ll go with their changeable eyes!


  43. John says:

    Great interview!

    My favorite thing about Blythe is her surreal, oftentimes ethereal nature. She’s very dreamy. I also really like Blythe’s history in the dolly world – it’s a fascinating story! πŸ˜€

  44. Jessica says:

    This was a great article. Such beautiful girls.

    My favorite thing about Blythe is being able to make my girl my own and unique. They each have their own personality. No girl is the same.

  45. Alicia says:

    My favorite thing about Blythe is that the possibilities seem endless, there is always someone out there creating something new for our favorite girl πŸ™‚

  46. Juliet Walden says:

    My favorite thing about Blythe is that it has given me a happiness and joy that I never experienced as a child. I discovered Blythe this spring at the age of 46. I had an unhappy childhood but grew up fulfilling my dream of first becoming a flight attendant (18 years) and now a police officer (6 years). I had several tries but have finally met and married the man of my dreams.

    The only thing missing was that there was always a sadness that I felt deep inside. I filled that sadness with too much work, too much exercise, doing for others and not myself. With my husband’s encouragement to find a passion and find something that gives me joy, I discovered Blythe in the spring. My first impression of her was that she looked “weird”! That was the stock Blythe. When I discovered flickr and that Blythe could be customized…I became a different person!

    Blythe and the Blythe community has given me so much. I do feel like every person that owns a Blythe has their own story to tell about their relationship with her. I have never really had any girlfriends but I now have amazing people I chat with every day! The Blythe community is caring, generous and kind.

    Melly Kay is someone I came across while on flickr. I absolutely love her work and especially her sweet girl Pickles. My first comment to Melly was answered almost immediately and was kind and sweet. Although I don’t know her…in some ways I feel like I do through her girls and through her daily photo entries. Sometimes it is like looking at someone and really seeing them.

    My husband and I are both going to try our own hand at customizing and I am looking forward to meeting Melly and other Blythe owners at BlytheCon 2011. As for owning a Blythe girl customized by Melly….it will be a joy and a privilige!

    I have a spot reserved with Melly for January and cannot be more excited

  47. Moonfairy says:

    I love Melly Kays customs, so please enter my name to your giveaway πŸ™‚

    My favourite thing about Blythe is the fact that you can customize them to give them more personality and character. I love to make clothes and other things for them, and I`ve noticed how I make them all almost a mini version of me in one way or another.

    I`ve blogged about the giveaway here:

    My birthday is on November 13th, so I`m crossing my fingers πŸ˜€

  48. Dorian says:

    My fav. thing about Blythe is that every single Blythe has her own unique personality. Even if you have two of the same doll they can still be totally different!

    I’m going to twitter about this now πŸ˜›

  49. Seyera says:

    My favorite thing about Blythe is her ethereal beauty. I could look at my dolls all day.

  50. Hana (hana a go go) says:

    Wow, what a give away! I’m unfamiliar with Melly Kay’s work but I adore her eyelids and eyelashes, and Bellatrix Gamma Ray is a stunning doll!!/notelephone/status/1600285772349440

  51. JoAnn says:

    My favorite thing about Blythe is the way she comes to life in pictures and how she changed doll collecting for me forever.

    My introduction to Blythe came through the book Blythe Style. I was blown away by her pictures and how she came to life in them. The fact that someone took pics of a doll meant they played with her. This was very exciting to me. I had been an avid doll collector for almost 10 years at that point and had a mass of dolls that I loved but never touched.

    Blythe would change everything about doll collecting for me. I would never again buy a doll merely to put her on a shelf. From this point on dolls became hands on to me. She made me want to do things I never thought about doing before. Photography, sewing, customizing, Art and connecting with other collectors are what she brings to me. This doll that came to life in pictures brought life to me. She’s a joy to have and I can’t imagine not having her around.

  52. Kristal AKA @bussobabe

    What a great interview and amazing giveaway. I love that girl! My favorite thing about Blythe is how she brings people together. She’s loved by so many different people all over the world for so many different reasons:)

  53. Kristal AKA @bussobabe

    And twittered about here

  54. Amanda B AKA @bejevals

    My favorite thing about Blythe is seeing the amazing photos people come up with – especially when they involve customs or restored dollies. I have always been fascinated with miniatures and doll houses, so when I come across a photo that is just an amazing, perfect little scene, I adore it.

    I love that they are a great conversation starter, and that there is an entire world of diminutive fashion out there – my dollies are better dresses than I am by far!

  55. TheBrassCupcake AKA @thebrasscupcake

    Beautiful interview as always!!

    The thing I love most about Blythe is how she has given me a bit of art back into my life. I have a creative outlet again now that I am not longer in theater and get to use that creativity in my photos which frequently are little stories. Plus my husband thinks it is awesome that I have turned them into little characters in our family.

    @thebrasscupcake J. Zumpf-Valosen- twittered as well!

  56. Danielle says:

    My favourite thing about Blythe is that each one has its own initial story and then when you take her home for the first time the story develops and you grow to love her more and more each day (and if you don’t then you get to customising!)!/PaellaElla

  57. Maryam says:

    I love Melly Kay so much! I don’t have a Blythe yet but I would love one so I could dress her up and do photo shoots. I especially love that you can customize Blythe.

  58. Abigail says:

    My favorite thing about Blythe is not only is she beautiful but she comes with a beautiful community of people who I wish I was related to! I love designing and knitting for her and playing with her. I would totally be honored to win a Melly Kay custom as this would be my first custom:) Thank you for having this incredible giveaway.

    Tweeting this:

    @AbigailsKnits on twitter

  59. Jingle says:

    My favorite thing about Blythe is that you can create the most wonderful characters and have fabulous dolls by your side again just like when we were kids!
    jinglesells at gmail dot com

  60. saira suscello AKA @sadifairy

    My fav thing about blythe is how she can become anything from your best friend, a awesome super hero/ villan, a spooky ghost girl or even a mini you and still look distinctly Blythe.I think she brings out creativity and imagination to anyone who holds her even for a moment , a true muse πŸ™‚

  61. Zoe says:

    Oh my gosh. I want to win this SOOOOOOOO much. I have wanted a Blythe for probably 3 months or so. I have loved her dolls and wanted one but didn’t have the cash. My favorite thing about Blythe’s is probably they are so cute!!


    shopallbuttonedup at yahoo dot com

  62. Sharon H says:

    what’s your favourite thing about Blythe?

    She brings out the little girl in me! When I think of Christmas as a child, getting a new doll and the excitement of finding her there under the tree on Christmas morning….that’s how she makes me feel!

  63. Mnemone says: is my twitter, I’ve tweeted the giveaway πŸ™‚

    My favorite thing about Blythe herself is her changing eyes! It’s the one thing about her that remains constant, no matter how customized she gets.

  64. Fi Wilson says:

    My favourite thing about Blythe is the way that, although she is basically made the same in the factory, she can become any type of girl (or boy!) in the hands of a master customiser. The number of different looks she can have is only limited by our own imaginations and it is these creative possibilities that really excite me as an artist and as a new Blythe owner….ps my CS is still stock πŸ™‚

  65. Heidi says:

    I love to embroider, sew, and sculpt, so for me, the best part of the Blythe experience is designing her wardrobe and accessories. I also love Blythe photography – each girl is so beautifully whimsical and wonderful.
    Plus Blythe is an excuse to play with dolls at age 35 πŸ™‚

  66. Naomi AKA @AgentOwen

    My favorite thing about Blythe is the fact that my mom thinks they are pretty cool. She’s in her 80’s. She’s especially fond of one who’s hair reminds her of how she used to wear it when she was younger.
    Here’s my twitter!/AgentOwen and I’ve tweeted too!

  67. Michelle says:

    What’s your favourite thing about Blythe?

    My favorite thing about Blythe is that she’s so sweet and pretty and she could be a variety of things to many people. To me she tends to be a young girl who loves to dress up in cute dresses. To others she’s a fashion icon that would make many of the models on the runway weep in failure. Making clothes for her is so fun and you can really be fully creative with her. Your only limitation when it comes to Blythe is your own imagination. πŸ™‚

    I blogged about this awesome contest here:

    And I tweeted about it here:

    I love Melly Kay and her work and would be so honored to win Bellatrix and call her mine. πŸ™‚ I promise to be a good mommy if I am deemed so lucky. πŸ™‚ Good luck to everyone!

  68. Kara AKA @karawilliamson

    My favorite thing about Blythe is that no matter how bad of a mood I may be in, Blythe lightens it and makes me smile, regardless of whatever else is going on. And even my friends/family who were once creeped out by Blythes, now have been captured by their fun spirits. πŸ™‚

    I tweeted about the giveaway. (

  69. Mary says:

    My favorite thing about Blythe? The awesome things that super creative people come up with when they’re customizing her.

  70. Sarah.Boirin says:

    Great read <3

    My favourite thing about Blythe is all the lovely people who collect them !

    I tweeted too from my twitter!/sarahboirin

    thank you.x

  71. Gina says:

    My favorite thing about Blythe is how she really brings a wide range of people together. I have made so many awesome friends through Blythe who have helped me through some really difficult times of my life.


  72. Ann Celine says:

    Well, my favourite thing about Blythe is that even all the stock girls look like different personalities… and the customized girls certainly are…
    And they can be whatever you want them to be…
    Also that they bring out people’s creative side.
    Never thought I would do this, way in my 40’s!!!!

  73. Eleanor says:

    What an excellent giveaway! My favorite thing about Blythe is the customization options. I think it’s just amazing how much you can transform every little lady. πŸ™‚

  74. Rachael says:

    I love Melly Kay’s creations! Ms. Bellatrix Gamma Ray is gorgeous and such a creative custom!
    My favorite thing about Blythe is how fun she is; dressing her up, doing her hair, or just holding her and cycling through her sets of eye chippies! :))

  75. gen morales says:

    My favorite thing about Blythe is how beautiful and unique she is…shes perfect for all ages! i don’t think ill ever outgrow her πŸ™‚ <3

  76. Clari AKA @claribari

    I love Melly Kay’s custom work!

    My favorite thing about Blythe is how many different aspects there are to the hobby/culture; photography, collecting, customizing, doll houses, clothing/fashion…etc. I also love taking Blythe into public and seeing people’s reactions!

  77. Michele says:

    My favourite thing about Blythe is …She is a mute mini person that still manages to speak volumes.

  78. lettyzeppelin says:

    My favourite thing about Blythe is her ability to have such a personality… for a piece of plastic! Each girl really speaks in a different way.

    She is a beautiful custom!

  79. Wow! I am new to Blythe and my favorite thing about her is all the things you can do to customize her…I actually havent done much yet, I am in the research stage, but I am gearing up….I sooooooo would love to win this doll. Melly Kay, you do a wonderful job and give me something to aspire too! thanks so much, Melinda

  80. meeyeehere aka Rachel Crisman says:

    first off,what countries are allowed to enter this giveaway??
    I love the big adoring eyes and the pout on the lips.My favorite thing is that I have never seen anything like this,completely unique

  81. Marva says:

    Oh Melly Kay! She is gorgeous! I’ve posted a your photos and link on my blog! I’ve just gotten into Blythe and I’m hoping to customize at least one of them! I’m off to look at your flickr photos!

  82. Marva says:

    Oops! Let me try this again! My blog is:

    Thanks, Marva

  83. Rachael says:

    I tweeted too, from my Twitter:!/BlkbrryBluebird

  84. Barb says:

    My favorite thing about Blythe is being able to customize her and give her a unique style and personality. ( or perhaps I should say her unique ability to convey her personality and style to us humans ; )

  85. Cass says:

    I love that each Blythe has her own personality….and their eyes <3

  86. jo west says:

    I have been wanting a Blythe doll forever … being a single mom, it’s totally out of the questions for me … but they speak to me … and i guess that is my favourite thing about then … they speak to me … i just know that one day i will have one … might not be for a long time … until then, i will keep looking at all of the beautiful Blythes out in the www …

  87. jo west says:

    entry number 2 … i blogged about this giveaway … it’s out there in blogdom …check it out here

  88. dollguy2010 says:

    I love me some Melly Kay! Her work is amazing and original.

  89. Becky AKA @beckarino1

    Melly Kay rocks!

    With that said, my favorite thing about Blythe is the friendships and connections I have made by simply enjoying this wonderful hobby. I also love how each individual girl has their own personality that shows through snapshots.

  90. Fae says:

    My favorite thing about Blythe is the wonderful community that surrounds her!

  91. Amanda AKA @bejevals

    I tweeted the details!


  92. Jennifer Abe AKA @jenniferabe

    Fabulous interview! I loved learning more about Melly Kay!

    My favorite thing about Blythe is how she inspires me to be more creative and to connect with other people through art, humor, beauty, photography…you name it!

    My tweet:


  93. Kimberley says:

    I love how each Blythe has their own little (or big in some cases) personality.

    What a great interview, I love Melly’s customs.

  94. Phillaine says:

    1. My favorite thing about Blythe is customizing the girls and working with their owners to get exactly what they want… I loved reading this interview with another customizer and hearing about Melly’s process. I haven’t developed a specific style, it’s more of a collaboration, and I just love variety and trying out new techniques πŸ™‚

  95. owlbefine says:

    My favorite thing about blythe is her sweet, quirky retroness.

  96. Bruna says:

    I love Melly Kay’s custom dolls! Such a lovely work! *-*

    My favorite thing about Blythe is how a doll can bring so much happiness and joy for people all over the world! Everyday we get to know kind and talented boys and girls because of her. We can also see what is possible to do with them, so many wonderful and creative works! This is amazing for me πŸ™‚

    I’ve tweeted it here:

  97. kat says:

    My favorite thing about Blythe is that I can dress her the way I would dress if I weren’t so old!

  98. Margie says:

    My favorite thing about Blythe is how unique they can be. They can start off being the same,but once they are dressed or fixed up,they become totally different dolls. She is the creative souls muse.

  99. Idamis says:

    Blythe just has a certain charm that other dolls don’t and they also have the best doll community in terms of sweet, helpful and very creative peeps. I own and collect a wide variety of dolls from bjds to play line dolls and no other community is like this one.

  100. Naralue says:

    My favorite thing about Blythe is how versatile she is.

    Melly does beautiful work!

  101. Megan says:

    Melly’s customs are lovely! I’m a new collector, but so far I just love how different each girl is, and I love sewing clothes for them!

  102. Jenny AKA @hellojenny

    My favorite thing about Blythe is the creativity that surrounds her: fashion, photography, customization, art, etc!

  103. jacque says:

    my favorite thing about blythe is just about ANYTHING mel does with them! she’s found her calling!


  104. Michelle says:

    I saw Miss. Gamma Ray and knew I HAD to enter, her eyes are uh-mazing! My favourite thing about Blythes? That they all look like they have a life of their own. I wish Toy Story included a central Blythe character just so we could see Pixar’s take on what her personality would be like, hahaha.

  105. Mandrake says:

    My favorite thing about Blythe is how different she is from other dolls! She can be customized in so many different ways and infused with so much dollinality πŸ™‚

  106. ikh says:

    Oh, gosh, Bellatrix is so gorgeous!
    My favorite thing about Blythe is the community around it. Purchasing a doll gives you entry into this wonderful web of people that are so supportive and creative.

  107. Laura Gardner says:

    Oh i do love Melly Kay, i have on of her dolls already and another custom on the way <3 <3

    My favourite thing about blythe is that every doll has her own personality and becomes completely unique – Especially with customization.

    Bellatrix is gorgeous. Love those lids.

  108. Rese says:

    I’ve never seen these kind of dollies before, but she’s so cute. The customizations really stand out and make her an awesome doll. The glitter and make up on her eyes is an awesome touch. πŸ™‚

    My favorite thing about Blythe (after reading about it here), is that each doll has their own identity because the owners use a lot of creativity. Everyone could have a barbie, but they all look exactly the same. With these, none look alike (as shown in the pictures above).

  109. Zoey says:

    my favorite thing about Blythe is that they are so addictive! Lol! πŸ™‚

    zoe at procknowdesign dot com

  110. Janna Lynn says:

    I just blogged about it!

    It’d be soooo sweet to win this one! πŸ™‚

    Hearts, Janna Lynn

  111. Taylor says:

    Oh wow, I just found this with a few minutes left to enter. πŸ™‚

    My favorite thing about Blythe is that they’re so customizable and unique!

    I also posted about this on my Twitter:

  112. Rabbitine says:

    My favorite thing about Blythe is how they bring people together. I’ve made so many great friends because of these little plastic girls and I can’t thank them enough!

    Twitter name: Rabbitine

    Blog post:

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  115. Thanks for finally talking about > » Interview with Melly Kay and a Blythe Giveaway!

    < Liked it!

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