Seeking guest authors!

Written on November 22, 2010 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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Been busy like a bee! Do you like reading fun and creative articles on I’m looking for guest authors who want to write for!

What I’m looking for is…

  • Tutorials (customizing, crafting, photography, etc.)
  • Stories of how you got into the Blythe hobby
  • Spotlight your favourite customizer or dolly crafter
  • Reviews on products used for customizing or crafting
  • Anything at all!

Do you want to share how you first discovered Blythe? Perhaps you had a customization mishap that’s really funny that you want to share? I’m looking for any and all stories to be shared on If you’re a customizer, maybe you’d like to do a small tutorial on how to do something to make dolls even prettier than they already are or you have warnings (or praises!) for a type of paint or glue that you happened to discover locally (or online).

All you need to do is be able to write! Got an idea? Great! Just run it past me and see if I want to use it on the blog and all you need to do is write and I’ll take care of the rest after you send it to me. always gives full credit to all guest authors for their written work and photography! Give back to and get a link back to your Etsy shop, Artfire shop, blog or other website.

If you’re interested in writing for, check out the guidelines for articles!

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