Vacationing with Blythe?

Written on December 17, 2010 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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When on Flickr, I see some great photos that people take of their Blythes in airports, at landmarks or just about everywhere that they go. I’m still working up the courage (is that the right word to use for it?) to take my Blythes out and about in my local community, but I haven’t taken my dolls to many places outside of my house. But while I haven’t gone on any measurable sense of a vacation since before I was a teenager, I would love to take one of my dolls with me on vacation and get some photos of them in some exotic-to-me places with the local flora and fauna.

But while I think about the idea of taking a doll with me on this fictional vacation that I don’t have booked yet, I start thinking about all the things that could go terribly wrong. Airport security gets scared of Blythe and thinks she’s a covert spy weapon, she gets stolen (!!!), I lose one of her shoes, I don’t bring the right clothes for the weather, she gets stolen (!!!), I feel the need to bring all of my dolls on vacation with me so “no one gets left behind”, I don’t bring the right accessories for the weather/area, I get so caught up in taking photos of the scenery, I leave her in my purse for an entire day or she gets stolen (!!!). I mean, these are all legitimate concerns (yes, even the covert spy weapon concern!), so I would like you to share with me how you get your dolls ready for traveling and how on earth do you make sure you get all the right clothes and accessories for your dolls so your favourite clotheshorse doesn’t end up looking like she’s scowling at you all the time?

Questionnaire time!

  • Have you ever gone on vacation and brought a Blythe doll (or two or three…) with you?
  • How did she travel? (In your bag? In your luggage? In your hand? Other…?)
  • How much clothing and accessories did you pack for your doll? One outfit per day or a handful of outfits for the entire duration of your vacation?
  • What kind of concerns do you have about traveling with Blythe?
  • Do you only travel with one or two Blythes or do you feel guilty about leaving someone behind and bring them all?

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