Blythe On A Budget: 4 Fabrics to Think About Using

Written on December 29, 2010 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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For those that like to sew or create clothes for their dolls, it’s always a lot of fun to head out to the fabric and notions store and dig through remnants bins to find super cute pieces of fabric that everyone else seems to think is way too small for anything, but it’s definitely enough for a cute skirt or top or dress for your Blythe. But today’s article for Blythe On A Budget is to talk about various types of fabric that you could find in places other than the fabric store and also (perhaps) fabrics you may not have thought about using.

Felt: Felt is great to work with – it doesn’t fray, it’s easy to cut, you don’t need to hem. Felt comes in acrylic and wool varieties, there’s generally a huge variety of colours! You can find felt at craft stores, department stores with a craft aisle or your local dollar store. A dollar store that opened up near my house recently even has glittery sheets of felt that are priced the same as the regular non-glitter felt.

Mesh: While mesh can come in a lot of varieties, I’m thinking of the plastic pink or orange mesh that fruit or even cheese comes in sometimes! It’s cute, it comes with your produce purchase and it’s always great to find another use for it. You can use it as a layer of fabric underneath a skirt (a lot like tulle) or as a fabric overlay on a skirt or dress, which would look super cute on any Blythe fashionista!

Paper: Have you ever wanted to wrap your doll up for the holidays or as a present? Why bother with a box? Some wrapping paper can be so colourful and have cute prints, so why not reuse them to create a doll dress? You can fold paper to create pleats, darts or just shape the neckline. While it may be delicate, paper might just be the thing you’re looking for in creating a one-time-use outfit that can be recycled after you’re done taking photos.

Terry Cloth: Which comes in the forms of tea towels and towels, for the most part. You can most definitely find these in dollar stores or just the clearance sections of a department store. I have bought a few in light colours for the sole purpose of turning into cute little bath robes for my dolls, but I have yet to successfully manage one that actually, well, fit. But for those with more expertise or skills in sewing, I’m sure it’s an easier feat for others.

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