Blythe On A Budget: Dollar Stores

Written on May 30, 2012 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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I like dollar stores. I like them so much that I even did a mini series a while back with a lot to do about dollar store finds. I still go to dollar stores regularly because you never know what they might get in from time to time. I like getting things for my dolls from the dollar store because they do carry a lot of small items, which is awesome.

Things to look out for:

  • Toy Section: There are sometimes Barbie or Skipper-sized dolls and sometimes those dolls come with shoes and clothing. Always worth looking at to see what they have around. Some really cute shoes can be sometimes found on dollar store dolls.
  • Hair Accessories: This is the aisle where I get my foam curlers, hair ties, tiny hair elastics and hair clips. All used on Blythe.
  • Party Aisle: Small party favours for small children can turn into little games or accessories for Blythe.
  • Baking Aisle: Mini cupcake liners are great because mini cupcakes are an awesome size for little cakes to put on your doll’s table.
  • Crafting Aisle: Tubes of paints for eye chips, ribbon for trims, buttons, fabric and thread for all your sewing purposes. They even have elastic, which is awesome. You can make all the things with goodies bought from the dollar store.

Dollar stores are great! My favourite finds that I’ve found have been pompom trims, ric-rac and hair ties! What have you found at your local dollar store that has been awesome?

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  1. Jenna Brown says:

    I found doll clothes at Daiso for my Azone! $2 for a clothing set. They had chinese dresses, yukatas, and other clothes. Too bad none of the shoes or pants fit but the dresses and tops do! I also found this doll dress form at the dollar store. I’m going to finally start making some clothes for my doll ^^;. I got it earlier and it even came with fabric, and sewing pins as well as trim.

    Hmm I also got a chest of mini drawers to keep doll clothes in. My doll doesn’t own much though. 1 or two outfits outsides of her original one and her chest of drawers ^^;

  2. Michelle Yakovenko says:

    I bought some Barbie dress that fit my bassak ELLie
    I found some cute mini cupcakes(erasers) and a perfect blythe tree

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