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Written on January 31, 2011 at 12:00 pm by Guest Author
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First thing, I want to thank Michelle for being kind enough to offer to put this on You might remember who we are; we were the first give away on here – a Rob & Sioux headband set give away. This time we are here asking for a bit of help.

Last year Rob’s little three year old little niece, Alissia, became extremely ill. After several trips to the hospital, doctors decided to perform a CT scan and they found a tumor in her brain. Alissia was flown to another hospital via helicopter and had emergency surgery. It was quite a difficult surgery and later the doctors discovered that the tumor was cancerous. Alissia was diagnosed with a very rare and rapid growing form of brain cancer.

Alissia is very strong and the doctors and nurses are amazed by her. They tell her parents how astonishing it is because most children going through what she is do not have her energy and strength.

Unfortunately, in these past few weeks Alissia has been having very difficult treatments and tests. Alissia will need a stem cell transplant very soon. This is why we’re here. Over the weekend, I (Sioux) set up a small donation site with Alissia’s father and mother and her uncle, Rob.

If you would like to donate or spread the word Alissia’s donation site is located here: For Alissia (

Thank you all so much for your time and generosity


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