Blythe On A Budget: Ideas for Decorating Houses (Part 2)

Written on February 2, 2011 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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Photo from user adamci.

Before Blythe, I collected stamps. I do still collect stamps, but with people sending e-cards for Christmas instead of physical greeting cards, the amount of stamps I’ve gotten in the last several years has dwindled down (besides from people who know, and encourage, my stamp collecting). But while I was looking over my stamp collection (because there’s nothing more self-reassuring than looking through a few thousand stamps…) and thinking about all the doubles (or even more multiples) of stamps that I have.

Postage stamps would make great decorations for doll houses. If you don’t want to cause any damage to the stamp itself, you can use photo corners (which are used in scrapbooking) or you can get stamp hinges (primarily used for stamp albums) or you can even make little photo frames for the stamps with a piece of plastic over the actual stamp.

Places you can get stamps include… the post office, from your mail (if you happen to get interesting stamps) or from a generous stamp collector.

If you’re getting the stamps from your mail, you’ll want to cut the stamp out (leave a margin of paper around the stamp(s)!) and then soak it in water until the stamp comes free from the paper. Then you’ll put the stamp face down (image size down) on a flat surface to dry. Once it’s fully dried, you can use it in your doll house decorations.

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