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Written on February 22, 2011 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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The Melbourne Doll Market is the brainchild of Natalie, who took it upon herself last year to make the idea of a local doll market come true. The premise is a lot like a crafts fair, vendors purchase the use of tables, the public comes in and buys things. But the important thing is that it’s all dolls, all the time. There’s even areas for you to hang out with your friends, take photos, grab some refreshments (tea and coffee) and just have a fun time.

The first Melbourne Doll Market was held on September 25th, 2010 and they strive to have one about every 5 months (the next one is occurring this upcoming Saturday February 26th!). What’s great about it, if you’re local, is that not only can you buy dolls  (like Blythe, Momoko, ball-jointed dolls (BJDs) and more!) is that you can also find accessories for the dolls there. For those interested in vintage Skipper clothing, there will be some there as well!

It does cost money to get in the door if you’re looking to buy. For the market that is being held on February 26th 2011, proceeds from ticket sales will be going to benefit the Australian Red Cross Victorian Flood Appeals. Which is so incredibly great as they not only will they have a lot of fun, they’ll also get to help others in their country!

The great thing about the Melbourne Doll Market is that it’s a great excuse to go out and hang out with your friends and take photos with each other doing silly doll hobbyist things. It’s also a great way for sellers, new and old, to get themselves out there and meet some potential new customers.

The door prize for February 26th, 2011 (this upcoming Saturday!) will be a custom Prima Dolly London (pictured above), who was customized by Natalie/pixelkitty. The doll comes in clothing from ChuThings and shows from Jemgirl. If you’re interested in attending the Melbourne Doll Market, please check out their website! Their website has a lot more information (including a list of vendors!) and has directions on how to get to their venue. The market on Saturday will be held from 11am to 4pm on Saturday.

Have you attended the Melbourne Doll Market yet? If not, why? And if you have attended the doll market, how was it? My inquiring mind wants to know!

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  2. smidge girl AKA @smidge girl

    This looks incredible! I’m in the US, so it would be quite a long commute for me, but if I were anywhere near Melbourne, I’d be there every time!! I’m thoroughly jealous! Is anyone here going this Saturday? I hope you’ll post all about it!

  3. Natalie says:

    Smidge, I run the market so Ill be there! I’ll post photos of the event.

    Michelle, thank you SO MUCH for spotlighting the Market! Really appreciated!

  4. smidge girl AKA @smidge girl

    Yay! Can’t wait to see photos! This sounds way cool! Bravo at putting together something so awesome! 🙂

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