Is it a “buyer’s market”?

Written on March 28, 2012 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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I’m not in the market to buy a new doll (I’m not). But I do still look from time to time at what princesses need ‘rescuing’ over at Blythe Kingdom because it is still a great way to keep my eyes on what customizers are out there and to see if there’s anything interesting out there. I’ve noticed a lot of listings where they list one price crossed out followed by a lower price. And then that price is crossed out and followed by an even lower price.

With the economy being difficult, I know that a lot of people have had financial issues (either with loss of employment, loss of hours or other financial emergencies). And with that, non-necessities are sacrificed for things that need to be purchased. While the prices of some dolls have been going down and down and sitting for ages for sale, some customized dolls have been going for skyrocket prices.

What makes for the price discrepancy?

I think it’s a balance between the fact that people are being smarter with their money. Stock dolls seem to sit longer, unless priced low, because there’s (generally) more where that doll came from (unless it’s a doll that never comes up for sale often; then she might get snapped up). But with custom work, especially if you’re a fan of a particular customizer, you really do need to jump on it when it becomes available because they may not come up often or you may never get a chance at that doll again. Some dolls get absorbed into doll families and they never get sold afterwards. Other dolls end up in families for a bit and then come out again after there’s no bonding between the doll and the human. But you never know if that custom you’ve got your eye on will end up for adoption again, you just never know. It’s one of the risks you take by not jumping at a chance at a doll that you really love.

I do think that it’s still a buyer’s market, for the most part. Many customizers are asking for offers on their work, in order to earn top dollar. But not everyone sells dolls that go for a thousand-plus on a regular basis. I think it’s great that people are being smart with their money, and it’s a great way (buy making offers) to see if you can get that dream girl for a price you can afford.

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