Blythe On A Budget: Sharing the Hobby

Written on March 23, 2011 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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It doesn’t cost you anything to share the love of Blythe and it can even help you gain another Blythe-friend (or convert a friend into a Blythe-lover).

Not everyone is instantly attracted to Blythe at first. Some people say it’s something about those weird giant eyes, others will say that the pink (or some people seem to think that’s red) chips are very off-putting and even evil looking! And I’m not telling you to try and convert just anyone into a Blythe-lover, some people just aren’t born that way (sadly), but it doesn’t hurt to try to introduce the dolls to someone else.

This is a ‘budget’ kind of tip mostly because you won’t be the one spending the money. Your new-found Blythe buddy will be.

EBL sisters Of course, you get to benefit as well from introducing a friend to Blythe. Not only will you (hopefully!) get to see stock dolls that you haven’t already seen before, even custom dolls from a customizer you’ve never seen the work of up close and personal, and maybe even get someone local to trade dolly clothes with – you also get the fantastic bonus of having a new friend who will actually understand what you mean when you say things like ‘gaze correct’ or ‘boggle’ or ‘putting hot glue to her eyes’ (for some weird reason, my boyfriend still thinks I’m weird when I say the one about the glue and gets a little bit concerned…).

But not to worry, it’s not entirely self-centred (for you) because your new Blythe-convert will not only be introduced to one of the best dolly communities around, they’re also likely to be persuaded into taking more photos, learning new crafts (everyone seems to do some dolly sewing at one point or another!) and just getting to know more people. Plus your new Blythe-convert will have something in common with you. If that’s not a fantastic reason to introduce someone to Blythe, I don’t know what is.

Just be sure that you don’t scare off your target too early. You’ll want to explain a bit about the history of Blythe (don’t overwhelm them about the different molds until they’re ready for it – but do explain the small differences between Kenner Blythes, Takara and Ashton-Drake Galleries), maybe talk about what stock dolls your dolls are (or a little about customizers/customizing). You don’t want to scare them off! Newbies are sometimes easily overwhelmed and scared off, so don’t start talking about ripping off scalps and shaving pieces of plastic for ‘gaze correcting’ – they might just going to run away from you or think you’re some kind of crazy person (or both).

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