Reflections on being new to Blythe – Part 2

Written on May 20, 2011 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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It was within a month after buying my first doll that I ordered my second – Love Mission. She was one of those dolls that I adored in photos, loved seeing her both stock and customized (but I did see a lot more photos of her customized than stock). She’s a lovely doll, an EBL (!), affordable, came with two (?!) stock outfits, two pairs of shoes (this was important to me, I don’t know why) and had that very subtle make-up that I thought was really pretty.

Things I did learn after is that: it’s not always a good idea to buy the most affordable Blythe available, but it worked out for me (because I love her).

I spent the entire week that it took for her to ship from Hong Kong to Canada checking the tracking obsessively. I had that tracking code memorized, I could probably recite it in my sleep if I had to. I checked it at least once every hour that I was in front of a computer. Just over and over again. I was annoyed that it stayed at the port for a while (before leaving Hong Kong), I was even more annoyed when she stayed in Canadian Customs for a good long (what I thought was long!) while. And then suddenly the day arrived that she was delivered to my house and I was at work, but my sister signed for her.

Opening the box was a huge treat for me. I discovered very early on that I have a love for unpacking doll boxes and getting to open up all those little plastic packages holding the shoes and clothes and little accessories. And the day that I had unboxed Love Mission, I not only gained another Blythe (who I named Belarus, after the country, before she even arrived) but Sophie (Cappuccino Chat, my 365 girl, my first Blythe) gained a sister.

Let's see...

Things I learned after receiving Love Mission (Belarus!) in the mail was…

  • I can be very obsessive about checking tracking numbers, this process repeated when ordering any other doll.
  • Love Mission’s accessories are super cute and you never know when you need a cop outfit around.
  • EBL’s are fantastic and do have this very unique look that’s only found in them.

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  1. Alice AKA @nuwandalice

    I learned the hard way about buying cheaper girls you don’t really want!

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