Question of the Week: LBB (Life Before Blythe)?

Written on May 23, 2011 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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We all have a life before Blythe. We had different priorities, we didn’t have small dresses and tiny shoes everywhere. It can really make you think about how much has changed since you entered the hobby.

What was your life like before you discovered (or were forcefully introduced) to those lovely big-headed dolls?

Perhaps you had more fun money back then. Maybe you didn’t sew or knit or crochet. Maybe you even bought more clothes for yourself (oh, those were the days!). What kinds of things did you do?

For me, my life hasn’t changed too much, I’d like to think. Yes, I’d probably have more money now than I currently do because of buying dolls (I haven’t since last year, so far!), little shoes, fabric, super tiny elastic and ribbons. I have learned how to do more things though: I designed little knitwear, small crocheted hats, I’ve sewn dresses (!) and painfully (for my fingers, anyways) sewn on small silver snaps. It’s a huge learning process to create things for our favourite dolls.

And it also makes you think about what you do and do not have time for. I’ve learned how to justify buying clothes for myself while casually browsing the sundries threads (a $25 dress for me or a $25 dress for the dolls? I picked me, because no one calls the police when the dolls go out in public without clothing, but they’d probably call the police on me if I were to do the same thing).

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  1. Heather AKA @claribari

    My problem BD (before dolls) was that I had no hobbies I really kept up with. I crocheted, lost interest, scrapbooked, lost interest, took photos here and there, and worked on our house. I didn’t even have anything I could really ‘surf the net for.’ Well, Blythe changed that! I now have sewing and dollhouse stuff, my photo challenge groups, a blog, an etsy shop, and six plastic beauty queens. I began customizing and rerooting one of them, which also takes up a bit of time and effort.

    Blythe has given me the all around hobby I sought and reconnected me with some that I had lost touch with (like sewing). When I’m too tired to even take pictures or change their outfits, I can surf the forums or read blogs. 🙂

    I’m really glad I met Blythe after marriage and with a baby on the way, because my spending would have been COMPLETELY out of control had I been single. Hubby and baby keep me in check. 😉

  2. Misato AKA @Misat0

    well, I was already into doll clothes and miniature making for a LOONG time! but the amount of time dedicated to toys, miniature sewing and such increased a bit.

    what REALLY changed was the weight of my everyday bag, that nowadays usually includes a Blythe, a small tin case with small accessories and my camera (although it’s a point-and-shoot). and I started photographing again.

    as for expenses, I’ve sewn almost all of my doll’s garments, and I have plenty of fabrics at home, so they didn’t increase much. but I nearly stopped sewing for myself or for “big” people.

  3. Alice AKA @nuwandalice

    I’d probably have more money but it’s definitely a very very fair swap for all the extra happiness, craftiness and wonderful people in my life! 🙂

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