Question of the Week: How has Blythe changed your life?

Written on December 19, 2011 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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Blythe makes me happy. There’s no denying that she does, and I’m sure she makes a lot of other people happy as well. There’s something whimsical about a doll that can change expression so easily without being creepy. I grew up with having hand-me-down Barbies with heads full of frizz and a bunch of stuffed animals. I never really had a doll that I could display, a doll that I had to explain to others (because no one’s heard of Blythe before they met me). It’s an interesting dynamic, the looks people get because they want to know why a (mostly) grown woman would want a doll.

“Blythe makes me happy. Plus, just look at all the cute clothes.”

Blythe appeals to me because she’s different for everyone. Everyone has different expectations from her. She’s everyone’s friend. She’s a model, a child, a professional shopper. She’s a coy mistress with power over your credit cards and she just demands cute shoes to go with that new dress. She’s different than all the other dolls around (besides the clones, of course) and she’s got a bunch of sisters that all have cool hair colours and pullrings. Blythe is really what we put into her because if we don’t put anything into her, we really don’t get anything back.

Blythe makes me happy. And those that actually care about me enough to support me with this doll ‘obsession’ are the ones that matter. She’s definitely an interesting indicator of those who honestly think I’ve “lost it” and those who think I’m just finding myself.

How has Blythe changed your life?

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  1. Natalie Darling AKA @natalieedarling

    Well I’d have to say Blythe has changed me for the better. Recently my depression has been so bad that I’ve been put off work. I have trouble getting up in the mornings, and really just accomplishing any small task. Blythe honestly makes me happier, I smile when I get to dress up my dolls and take pictures of them. They give me something to look forward too, no matter how small. Which, when you’re depressed, is huge.

    Thanks for the question Michelle, really made me think!

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