Question of the Week: Non-Dolly People and Blythe

Written on August 1, 2011 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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What. Are. You. Doing?

I am very antsy when it comes to letting people handle my dolls. I’m reluctant to do so unless I trust that they understand that the dolls are both monetarily valuable as well as emotionally valuable. When my dad first handled one of my Blythes (despite knowing full well how much one costs), he put his fingers all over the face, over the blush and eyeshadow. I don’t think I ever snatched something back so quick before! Blythe isn’t the same as a basic Barbie that you can pick up at most department stores’ toy aisles. Blythe is special, beloved and expensive. I’m very bad about letting non-dolly people handle my dolls, but if it’s under my constant supervision I’m generally better about it. I even let some of my (nicer) coworkers handle my dolls and even pull the strings! So today’s question of the week is…

How often do you allow non-dolly people to handle your Blythes? More importantly, do you let people pull on the pull string?

2 Responses to “Question of the Week: Non-Dolly People and Blythe”

  1. Nyx says:

    I’ve started taking my Ainsley to work with me but I’ve only let one person hold her and I only let her hold her because she’s a doll collector (American Girl dolls though which are much more touch friendly). I’ve shown her to a few others when they notice her because she stays in my locked office. I’m not quite ready to let them pull her strings because she has sleepy eyes and I’m scared they’ll pull the wrong string and yank it out and I won’t be able to fix her at work.

  2. Rosey AKA @scratchrabbit

    The one time I brought my blythe outside my home was to a painting studio to use as my busject to paint, when I was learning Oils. Everyone was fascinated but didn’t want to handle her (maybe Blythe just looked special and delicate to them) and I didn’t offer. But then midway through the lesson, my teacher came up to look at her again and then in talking, *whack*, he knocked her onto the ground while talking with gestures. The poor old man was so apologetic, and I knew it was an accident and said it was ok etc, but as I picked up my little Blythe (who was my first one and brand new!) off the dirty art studio floor with her hair all dishevelled I was having a mini panic attack in my head! generally I think I would only let non-dolly people with clean and gentle hands handle her!

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