Question of the Week: How has your dolly tastes changed?

Written on March 19, 2012 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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Princess Sophie When I first ‘discovered’ Blythe, I fell in love with photos of custom dolls. I loved stock dolls too, but custom dolls had such attitudes and flair. And then I started collecting dolls and…  well, besides string changes, sleep eyes, chip changes and gaze lifting… They’ve all remained stock. Some have remained fully untouched while some have had most of their chips changed. I still love looking at photos of customs and I just adore looking at custom Blythes in person too! I fell in love with several dolls both in Portland last year and at local meets where I get to see the work of people who have beautiful portfolios that I’ve admired online in person. It’s really great to get to see the art work and all that detail and attention in person. While photos of custom Blythes can be so incredibly beautiful, nothing beats seeing the work in person. But my current love, according to my dolly family, is mostly stock dolls. None of them have even had their shine removed! I’ve grown accustomed to seeing my camera and face in their shiny, big foreheads.

How has your dolly tastes changed?

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  1. Heather AKA @claribari

    I thought RBLs were the ultimate in gorgeousness. I didn’t understand why people would spend big bucks on Kenners or BLs…in fact, I thought BLs looked pretty freakish. I loved customs, and thought they were for me…but through trial and error have discovered that with the exception of my two RBLs, I don’t WANT any more. I want BLs. More and more of them. They are fabulous! Haha. As for customs? I like the ones that I have had my hand in, but I don’t really need other customizers’ work in my collection right now! 180s, right?

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