What’s in a name?

Written on August 12, 2011 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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On Twitter, I follow many Blythe people. I get alerted about dolly drama (boo), when someone’s having an Etsy sale (yay) and when someone got a new Blythe (!).

It fascinates me how people come up with names. Some people name their dolls after places, or street names. Others just choose a word that sounds ‘right’ to them. For some custom dolls, their names just stick. No one else is ever going to call them by any other name after they’ve been in the hands of a well-known owner. Others rename their lesser-known custom dolls because they want to put their own stamp of ownership onto their dolls. Of course, you don’t find this problem with new dolls that are freshly pulled out of boxes and get a first hair washing.

Most of my dolls’ names were decided before they even arrived. Belarus (#2), Bennett (#5) and Kindred (#6) were all named before they had arrived. I loved the sound of Belarus (yes, like the country) and at the time Bennett had been named after a character I liked on a certain cancelled sci-fi show (somewhat appropriate named Dollhouse). Kindred was originally the name I would have loved to give to my first Kenner, but I just knew that Velvet Minuet was the ‘right’ doll for that name as she had been one of the first Blythes I’d ever seen on the internet way back when I first discovered Blythe. It took me a while to figure out Sophie (#1) and Tertiary Jane (#3) but Eden (#4). Her name just came to me when I first saw her.

Despite it not being a competition, I like knowing that I was the first person to name a doll a certain name. I don’t know why it matters to me, but it makes it feel like that particular doll is more special. But other times it just doesn’t matter as I know there’s probably been dozens of Blythes named Sophie before I named my Blythe that.

How do you like to name your Blythes? Do you keep old names from previous owner(s) or do you start fresh?

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  1. Heather AKA @claribari

    Well, there is Cassie, my Cassiopeia Spice…hahahaha. I just like ‘Cassiopeia’ so I kept it. Hana came from my original vision to customize her to be like Hana on Fruits Basket…Yula was a bass guitarist/singer from my favorite band (now has her own band), Kylee took a lot of work for a name…I don’t know if I’m even still happy with it. Fawn was a joint effort between me and my best friend. She was the only ‘rename’ that sticks out. Her former name was Flo (I stuck to Fs).

    I usually get the first letter, and then try a million names that start with that letter. It’s like getting the vibe or something.

  2. Fae says:

    I always name my girls before I get them – I only feel I *need* a doll after I’ve decided what her name should be. All the ones I’ve customized are named after apples, the others are random.

  3. Steph! says:

    I kept Vea’s name…but it was funny when I met her former mom she pronounced it completely different…I say Vea (as in Bea.) Janie…is a Save the Animals, The Brass Cupcake and I thought a nod to Jane Goodall was appropriate. ZuZu’s Petals is from the movie It’s a Wonderful life. I was saving the name for my daughter I never had….Santa brought me ZuZu this year. Stevie is going to be my mini me…and my grandma fought tooth and nail to name me Stevie even after I was born – Stephanie won out. Bird told me her name. And my students helped name Sunshine Buttercup…they were actually trying to give “me” a nickname and I thought it was the perfect name for my dolly! 🙂

  4. Bella says:

    I named both dolls before they arrived. They have Greek names, Persephone and Briseida, and if I ever get more Blythes, they will continue with that trend… I think there might be a Cassiopeia on the queue for next year, although I still don’t know which kind of Blythe it will be 😀

  5. Natalie Darling AKA @natalieedarling

    I recently traded my Simply Chocolate for a beautiful custom Groovy Groove named Roarie. And since I’m a hardcore Harry Potter fan I decided her name should be Ginevra [Ginny]. But then the more I looked at her, and saw her personality I decided she wasnt a Ginny at all but a Persephone!
    So I guess it just goes to show…I’m indecisive =P

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