Written on December 14, 2011 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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I know Wednesdays are usually Blythe On A Budget, I actually just moved the post that was supposed to go up this week to another week (I’m awful, I know) because I had something more important to say. There’s a lot of overwhelming things in this world. Dolls shouldn’t be one of them. If you have one doll, that’s awesome. If you have one of every single release ever, that’s awesome too (and I’m totally jealous of your Parco). I started because I wanted to give back to the dolly community. I had hobbies before Blythe and I still take part in those hobbies, but I’m not active in those hobbies. I don’t make a whole lot of new friends when I crochet or knit, because I do that in my own time and I don’t have time to head out to regular knit nights or anything like that. I never joined clubs for stamp collecting (which I still do and have done since I was 8). But with Blythe, it’s hard to avoid people. There’s dolly forums and so many people on Flickr (which is so, so, so awesome). It would be very difficult, I think, for most people to be in the Blythe hobby world and not interact with people. It’s easier with a lot of other hobbies, but not with Blythe. (And now that I’ve made myself sound like a complete hermit…)

Going to BlytheCon in Portland in June was fun. I finally got to meet other people in the doll community and it really opened up my eyes to the awesome people behind their doll avatars. I got to see people who’s photos I favourite and admire. I got to meet people who are from right where I am. Which was amazing, because suddenly I have a whole new group of friends and we all have something really, really awesome in common. We all bring something different to the group and we’re all joined by a common thread, but I’ve also found other things in common with these people too. It’s not all about the dolls anymore, not really. It’s about the people behind the dolls. And the people in this community are wonderful individuals. You are, you truly are. I know that sometimes there’s ups and downs in the dolly community and there’s a whole ton of drama that happens at times… But we’re all sorts of awesome and we all bring something really great with our love for dolls.

You may not realize it, but you are a wonderful person. You love dolls and that makes you pretty awesome.

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