Treasures for Dollars: Item 8

Written on December 21, 2011 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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Treasures For Dollars is a mini-series that is completely focused on things that I actually find (and buy) from dollar stores and other similar stores. It will alternate with Blythe On A Budget articles for the next little while until the finale of the mini-series (at Part 10). I hope you enjoy the series!

I have been fascinated by handpainted eye chips for the last little while. There are a lot of people who do handpainted chips, I’m not sure who was the first to do it, but I know there’s quite a few people who do them. And all of them are beautiful. I love looking at photos of them, I like the look of them in the eyes of dolls. But one of the things that I really wanted to do was try my hand at handpainting chips. I’m not the best at drawing, but I can wield a paintbrush somewhat decently (okay, half-decently). I bought some clear smooth chips (no lines) and then I had to get paint. My local dollar store (which I love) has a very small selection of paint. But I knew that I wanted something metallic and all of their colours were not metallic based paints. But a few days ago, I found silver paint in the craft section when I was looking for some blue thread. Silver paint! While that’s not metallic paint in all the colours that I wanted, mixing silver in with, say, blue makes a somewhat decent metallic blue colour. And that’s good enough for me! Best of all? It was on a special for 2 bottles of acrylic paint for $1. So it cost a grand total of $0.50+tax.


What’s a good inexpensive dolly-find you discovered recently?

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  1. Misato AKA @Misat0

    finally Sephora (in Portugal) started selling their amazing bath-tubs, perfect for Blythe and 1/6 scale dolls without contents, and really cheap!

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