Question of the Week: Your Blythe Resolutions?

Written on January 2, 2012 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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Hello everyone, and happy 2012!

It’s a common thing to make new year’s resolutions. January 1st was the start of a new year, for some it’s a new school year or new term. But a lot of people like making resolutions at the start of something new.

Bennett is happy! This year, my resolution is to make more dolly clothing. It doesn’t matter too much if it ends up being knitted, crocheted or sewn, I just want to add more to the dolls’ wardrobe. I’m definitely not doing an item per day (I do have school and other things to do, after all), but I think I’d like to set it at minimum two items per month. That way they can be done somewhat leisurely, I won’t feel like I’m rushing and at the same time, my dolls will end up with at least 24 items at the end of December that I handcrafted out of love (or pent up hate for doing little sleeves…). I currently have 5 Doll Coordinate Recipe books that I’d like to really utilize this year. I want to focus on improving my crafting skills (especially sewing!) and use some of the things that I’ve bought (fabric, ribbons, trims).

I’d also like to try to spend a lot less money on sundries. I did a little adding up of how much I spent last year and while I only spent a little bit each month, it all does add up! Between commission a couple of dresses (whoopsies…) and other lovely handmade goodies, I did spend quite a bit last year on clothes for my dolls! Of course, I didn’t count BlytheCon purchases in that because it was BlytheCon. I’m supposed to buy things, or what was the point in going? *removes tongue from cheek*

Lastly, I’m pretty happy with my Blythe family right now. The only dolls that I’m looking to add to it right now is a BL (Sunday Best or Mondrian, primarily) and more Kenners (I’d like to add a blonde and a raven/brunette), but I’m not too seriously searching for any of those right now.

There are a lot of things that people could choose to do. Spend less money on clothing/shoes. Spend more time photographing their dolls and enjoying what they have. Not buying new dolls without adopting out an older, less-loved dolly. Maybe it’s to save for that elusive grail doll, whomever she may be. Whatever your Blythe resolution may be, I want to know what it is!

What are your Blythe resolutions for 2012?

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