Question of the Week: How much do you DIY for your dolls?

Written on January 16, 2012 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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23/365 - Clothes! I recently went through my dolls’ clothes to see if there were any things I could part with. My local doll group is fantastic for both destashing what I no longer really want to keep for my dolls and also for getting new things (they’re all a bunch of enablers, I swear!). Some of what I put into a bag of freebies are things that I’ve made myself for my dolls. I try to make most of my dolls’ clothes – at least that was the original goal that I had in mind when I first started collecting Blythes. I don’t really think that I got very far with that goal though – although most of the hats that my dolls have are made by me, if that counts. I have bought quite a fair bit of the wardrobe, along with participating in swaps (which are fantastic for getting new clothes!) and crafting things for my dolls.

With my New Year’s resolution of crafting at least two items for the dolls per month, I think I’m going to be a little bit more crafty this year. Photo progress will show up on Flickr (if I can remember), but it’ll also be good for me because I probably won’t be crocheting just 24 hats for the dolls, I may actually do other things (like knit and sew). It’ll be an interesting challenge – even if it’s not as challenging as making a clothing item per day (yes, some brave souls took on that challenge on Flickr!). I’d like to think that approximately a quarter of the dolls’ clothing that I have right now is handmade by me (but that’s a very rough estimate and probably being very generous to myself). But most of it is handmade by someone, if not me (thanks to trades with local Blythe peeps and swaps organized online), so that makes me feel pretty good about the level of handmade in the dolly closet.

How much do you DIY for your dolls? How much do you plan on crafting this year?

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