Question of the Week: If you were asked to design a new Blythe…

Written on January 9, 2012 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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Punk rock? Lets say that you receive an email from a representative from Takara/CWC and they want you to design a new Blythe for a future release this year. You have full control over the design of the doll. The only limitations is that the doll has the stay female (there’s no room in the budget to produce a male Blythe-sized body), the hair must be synthetic (so no alpaca or mohair) and the eyechips have to be single-coloured (but little designs in the pupil are acceptable). You also get to design the outfit, but there can only be so many pieces in the box and you’re only allowed so many things… But you are allowed a pair of shoes, socks or tights, a dress OR a shirt/top plus pants/skirt/shorts, a jacket, a hat and two fun item (eg. glasses, purse, headphones, something cool). That’s not to say that you need all of that, but you’re allowed! What would your Blythe design look like?

What would your Blythe design look like?

For me, my new Blythe design would have long, deep purple hair (like aubergine/eggplant purple) – centre part with bangs/fringe, her chips would be light brown, olive green, a medium purple and a limey green. She’d have slouchy black boots, silvery fishnets, a purple tunic dress and a classic black wool peacoat on top. I think I just really want a peacoat for my dolls. Or maybe one for each of them…

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  1. NatalieDarling AKA @natalieedarling

    Eee! What a fantastic idea. Mine would be called “Strawberry Bunny.” but maybe in Japanese they’d call it “Ichigo Bunny.” or “Strawberry Usagi”.
    Anyways she’d have long white hair, one pink streak, and bangs.
    Her complexion would be fair and her eye chips would be as follows: Dark pink centre, pastel blue side, light pink centre with bunny in middle, and pastel green side.
    She’d also have a small strawberry beauty mark tattoo on her upper left cheek.
    Her pull ring would be pink.

    She’d be dressed in a red, pink and white plaid dress, complete with ruffled lace underneath. Very baby the stars shine bright sweet lolita. Her sleeves would be puffed lace, with a little strawberries pattern sewn in.
    A dark pink ribbon would be laced through all around the bottom of the skirt.
    She’d have pink polka dotted white knee high socks, and red strawberry boots.

    She’d come with a little white stuffed rabbit, and a strawberry barrette.

    And I’m finished. She’s so cute! <3

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