Question of the Week: If Takara asked you to design a Blythe…

Written on May 2, 2011 at 12:00 pm by Michelle
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A lot of people like custom Blythes. A lot of people are tired by the very similar releases that have come from the people who create our beloved Blythes. So this week’s question is…

If someone from Takara approached you and asked you to design a Blythe and whatever you came up with would be made into a regular release Blythe, what would your design look like? What would her name be? Hair colour? Chips? Clothes?

Mine would be a dark, dark, dark purple haired girl with grey, light blue, brown and clear chips. I think her overall theme would be punk-rock (at least, more punk-rock than Punkaholic People ever was) with torn jeans, black band shirt, piercings, maybe even a factory-done nose piercing… Would be interesting. I’m not sure what her name would be though, but at least she wouldn’t be half-blonde half-brunette (nothing wrong with dolls having dirty-blonde hair, it’s just that it seems that there is a large proportion of blonde-brunette dolls coming out lately).

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  1. trish says:

    Great question! first, my Blythe would have teal straight hair cut in a very European-chic chin-length bob. Her eyes would be, ochre-yellow, azure-blue, neon pink, and jet black with white pupils. Her skin would be almost porcelain fairest white, but her entire eyes would be surrounded by espresso-brown shading. I would have her wear black jeans, neon pink doc martins, a grey and white horizontal cotton-knit weather. She would have a grey beret and carry a plum body crossing leather handbag.

  2. Anne AKA @Anne0731

    I would design basically what my Blybe custom is shaping up to be: a Virgin Suicides-inspired girl, she would have blond hair with light blond highlights, and her hair would be past the shoulders with a little flip at the ends, parted down the middle. I would give her freckles, pale lips with just a hint of pink, lots of blush, freckles and no eyeshadow. Her eyelashes would be natural, maybe even blond. Her outfit would be a little 70’s nightie and she would come with catalogs and magazines! She might be named Lisbon after the book/movie.

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